Magic Stud Finder

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    Face It, Electronic Stud Finders are Not that Great

    Magic Stud Finder Magnets
    Magic Stud Finder

    Faith in technology causes homeowners to blindly trust electronic stud finders. In reality, stud-finding is detective work. You pound, you listen, you feel, you measure, and somehow between all these methods, you find a stud. Maybe.

    The Magic Stud Finder is almost like the perfect compromise; load up two super-sticky target magnet disks into the holder; sweep the holder across the wall in familiar fashion, and wait until one of the target magnets smacks tight against a drywall screw or nail (or metal stud) embedded in the drywall.

    The question is, can a 4-year-old use a Magic Stud Finder? We had one available to test just that.

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    Testing Out the Magic Stud Finder

    So, the 4-year-old tried it out, and it worked. He had trouble remembering that, once the target magnet stuck, he needed to pull the holder straight outward. Any variation of this might upset the magnet. We quickly figured out the routine, and soon we were finding studs left and right.

    Another neat trick is to locate two vertically neighboring drywall screws, affixing two magnets in those spots. Then take the included 6-inch metal ruler and stick it on top of the magnets. You can then lightly scribe pencil marks on either side of the ruler, giving you a nice target zone to make your holes, screw your screws, or whatever you're trying to do.

    Ultimately, this product did what it set out to, and in a way that was simple enough that most homeowners should be able to find use for it.