What is the Magical Irish Fairy Door?

Maybe You Should Think About Inviting A Fairy Into Your Home

The Irish Fairy Door
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Have you ever thought about inviting a fairy into your home, forever? If so, you may want to consider buying a Magical Irish Fairy Door.

Magical beings and imaginary friends are so much a part of many people's childhood memories. Parents enjoy seeing their child's excitement over the many presents, wishes and dreams that come true out of meeting these make believe celebrities.

The Tooth Fairy replaces old teeth with money.

The Easter Bunny hops along from house to house delivering toy filled Easter baskets. Santa Claus delivers a sleigh full of toys under the Christmas tree in the living room.  

Many of these holidays have created even more fun family traditions. The Switch Witch at Halloween can take away candy, replacing it with a toy or other gift. The sometimes silly, sometimes naughty Elf on the Shelf helps children to behave, staying on the good list, by sending Santa updates before Christmas Eve deliveries.

The difference in inviting a fairy into your home through the Magical Irish Fairy Door, is that your fairy is a best friend to your child in your home, all the time, not just during the holidays.

To get your own family fairy or even fairies, first choose a fairy door to be placed somewhere in the home. These small little doors arrive in many different colors that include  pink, yellow, purple, red, blue and green.

Some have arched roofs, others have round roofs. 

With each package there is a door, some stepping stones and a magical key. Families place their door in the home, and when they are ready, the leave the magical key out in front of the door. At some point during the night, the fairy will move in and take the magical key out of the bottle.

Kids will know the fairy is visiting the home when the key has been removed from the small glass container.  

With the secret code located inside the box, adults can help their children register the name for their fairy through the Irish Fairy Door Company. They will even need to sign an Official Fairy Lease Agreement. 

How much or how little a child wants to interact with their fairy is a personal choice. The fairy does have a few obligations. Thankfully they will take all teeth at their door, leaving money or other items in its place.

Not able to decide on a name for your fairy? There is a list of the most popular fairy names on the website. Fairies can be any gender you like.

Families can decorate the wall where their door is placed. They can buy clothes for their fairy, hanging them on a clothesline outside their door. It is even possible to leave magical sparkling Irish fairy dust. Different colored dust can help their fairies fly faster, help fairies hide from humans and even leave children good dreams and happy thoughts. Some kids might like feeding their fairy their favorite food, raisins. But as it states in the contract, for a special reason, fairies are never allowed to eat cheese puffs.

To communicate with their fairy, kids can draw pictures, write stories and ask their fairies questions. Their fairy will respond with an answer as many times per week as the family decides, per their lease agreement.

Should families want to read fairy stories, learn about fairies, and participate in fairy activities, there is a community online through the Irish Fairy Door Company. Parents can also sign up for the Magical Matters newsletter to get more information.

While this might seem silly to non-believers, there really are some great things one might be able to learn about their children from their own Irish Fairy. Maybe the child has fears and worries about school or family members. They might have a secret toy wish for their upcoming birthday or be wondering something personal about what their fairy likes to eat for dinner.

Sometimes it is easier to share their fears in a picture to their fairy, than with words to their parents.

Your fairy might be busy, too. Families, when signing the lease contract, decide how many times their fairy might be able to respond to questions each week.  

Every child will respond to their fairy experience differently. Some children love magical fairies. Others will be bursting with questions about how fairies get their wings and whether there are fairies in heaven.

Being a child is hard. School is not easy. Making friends can be difficult. Things happen throughout a child's life and day, which can be hard to talk to an adult about. There are many toys and activities that can help children cope with life's challenges. Having a fairy in your home is a great way for families to bond, for kids to learn new information and and maybe even find a way to deal with their fears and stress. A fairy could not only teach a parent a lot about their child, but it will can certainly help families learn a lot about themselves, too..  

Wouldn't it be amazing if your children kept on the tradition of inviting fairies to live with their families when they were all grown up?

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