Magnificent Mother's Day Martinis

10 Great Cocktails for Mom

The cards, gifts, meals and thank you's are great, but wouldn't Mom like a good drink? If you can answer that question with a "yes," then here are a few ​martinis that she is sure to enjoy. For fruity to frothy, you'll find something that's sure to fit her style.

Mocktails for Mother's Day

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    Blushing Lady Cocktail Recipe
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    The Blushing Lady is a perfectly designed fruity cocktail that is the right blend of tropical flavors and looks stunning when served in a sugar-rimmed glass.

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    Square One Organic's The Coriandrum Cocktail
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    The Coriandrum uses a simple coriander-flavored nectar by infusing agave nectar with coriander seeds, showing off the flavors of freshness and symbolizing the rebirth of spring.

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    An Easy Tea Martini Vodka Cocktail Recipe
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    It's tea time and Mom is sure to love this light Martini. This Martini also begs for a splash of flavor and adding a small amount of berry, lavender, rosemary or chamomile to the steeping tea is subtle yet soothing.

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    In and Out Lemontini Cocktail
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    Springtime freshness for dessert. The In and Out Lemontini transforms the dry In & Out Martini into a sweet dessert cocktail. It does this by replacing vermouth with limoncello, which is best kept chilled in the freezer.

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    Delilah Cocktail Recipe
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    A more gentile, mother-like variation of the Sidecar, the White Lady (or Delilah) can make a simple, stunning appearance on Mother's Day. With only three common ingredients, this is a great last minute cocktail creation.

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    Glamour Girl Martini
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    The Glamour Girl Martini is a wine cocktail that features Folonari Pink Pinot Grigio, a fruity pink wine that plays nicely with the peach and cranberry flavors in this Martini.

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    Melon Cucumbertini Cocktail
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    Surprisingly, melons and cucumbers combine well for a unique flavor and aroma. This cocktail of fresh, summery scents is a perfect way to pamper your mother.

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    Pink Lady Cocktail
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    Slightly more complicated, yet in no way inferior, the Pink Lady is a gem of a cocktail. It has a classy feel because the egg white creates a "foam" that floats on top, almost like a well-adorned hat.

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    Rose Martini
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    A soft floral flavor brings the Dry Martini into the warming days of spring. The Rose Martini is a delightful treat for any martini-loving mother. Simply pair her favorite gin and vermouth with a hint of rose-flavored sweetness.

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    Paulista Cachaca Martini Cocktail with a Pink Daisy
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    This lovely spring drink is the ideal made-at-home cocktail for ladies who have a taste for sweet adventures. It pairs cachaça with blueberries and lavender syrup and it's sure to be a delight.