Meaning and Uses of the Magpie Symbol in Feng Shui

close up detail of a pair of magpies on a porcelain vase

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Feng shui is one of the ancient Chinese practices that has become more and more popular in our modern world as we seek more mindfulness in our speedy lives. The Chinese words “feng shui” literally translates to “wind and water” which points to how essential our environments are in our lives. Healthy spaces support us and are required for humans to thrive, just like we need breath and hydration.

Similarly, feng shui looks to the natural world for teachings and insights. Birds have been considered meaningful symbols in many cultures. Birds can fly, unlike humans, therefore they have been considered a connection to the heavens, the divine, as well as signals of the seasonal changes of the environment.

Black Billed Magpie (Pica pica) on a stump

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Magpie Symbolism and Meaning in Feng Shui

The magpie is a small, intelligent, and chatty bird that is usually black and white in color, sometimes with blue and green as well. They are typically depicted with a black neck and a white chest. Magpies can mimic sounds, and they are also attracted to shiny objects and are known for collecting all kinds of items for their nests. 

Magpies are well known (and common) in China, so they naturally became a popular art motif. They are considered a messenger of good luck and are known as “birds of joy." For instance, if you see a magpie or if a magpie builds a nest near your home, that may be an indication and positive omen of incoming success and good news. 

In addition, this magical bird is often found in pairs to represent love, bliss, and happiness in a romantic partnership. Some magpies mate for life. You can find many styles of Chinese artwork that illustrate a pair of magpies to symbolize a happily married couple in conjugal harmony. Magpies are also paired with other auspicious motifs like plum blossoms, bamboo, and other natural elements to enhance their symbolic meaning.

Bamboo trees and two magpies birds. Traditional oriental ink painting sumi-e, u-sin, go-hua. Hieroglyph - double luck

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Using the Magpie Symbol in Your Home

There are many different ways in which you can bring the qi (life force energy) of happiness, joy, and good luck into your home with the image of a magpie. With any kind of symbol, your intention and personal connection to the image is the most important, so make sure you personally enjoy the imagery. 

It’s ill-advised to keep a caged magpie in your home, as this will not offer the same boost of qi. Since magpies sing, they were often kept as caged birds. From a feng shui perspective, a captive bird generally represents a limitation or inability to receive positive energy. 

For Love and Partnerships

If you’re looking to welcome a long-term loving partner into your life, try working with an image depicting a pair of magpies. Ideally, they will be shown in a friendly and inviting position to each other. If you’re already in a relationship, you can also use the pair of magpies with the intention to support more love, happiness, and connection with your partner. 

Your bedroom is the most effective place to work with this symbol, because it represents you and affects you the most. If you want to get more focused, you can place the image in the area of the bedroom that is related to love and partnerships. You can find this area by placing the feng shui bagua map on your bedroom. To do this, stand in the primary door of your bedroom looking in. The far right corner is typically the relationship corner.

For Career Success

The magpie is considered an omen of good luck. This is a wonderful symbol to work with in your office or by your desk to enhance your success with the work that you put out into the world. In feng shui, your desk represents your career and work. 

You can simply hang an image of a magpie, but you can also explore some other creative ways to use symbols. Try a magpie image on the front of your notebook, or on your computer wallpaper or screensaver. 

To Invite New Opportunities for Joy, Happiness, and Success

Your front door is what we refer to as the “mouth of qi” in feng shui. This means that all of the energy you receive from the outside world enters your home and life through this portal. It can be especially powerful to enhance your front door with the image of a magpie with the intention to invite new opportunities for joy, happiness, and success in all the areas of life for your entire household. An image of a magpie perched atop the highest branches of a tree is especially auspicious to invite boundless luck.