The Best Mail Order Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving turkey
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Whether you are looking for a fresh, organically-fed, free-range turkey to roast this year for Thanksgiving or a one that has already been prepared and cooked, you can find plenty of companies offering options via mail order. ​Smoked whole turkeys provide a good choice. They are moist and easy to prepare: Slice the  meat and serve it cold, or gently warm it for a short time in the oven. If you prefer cooking your turkey fresh, you can still receive your Thanksgiving bird without leaving the...MORE house. Whatever your preference, following are the best companies from which to mail-order your turkey this year.

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    Mail Order Turkeys

    D'Artagnan has always been one of the best places to buy gourmet meats. D'Artagnan's turkeys are 100-percent natural, farm-raised heritage birds. The company offers organic free-range, bone-in-breast, fresh or frozen turkeys, ranging from 8 to 24 pounds. 

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    Whole turkey
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    Fossil Farms is another great purveyor of heritage-breed turkeys. These all-natural, free-range turkeys are raised on small family farms in northern New Jersey. The turkeys are fed an all-vegetarian diet with no hormones or stimulants. ​Sizes are available from 10 to 26 pounds and all turkeys are shipped fresh. 

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    Mail Order Turkeys
    Harry & David.

    You can find all of your holiday dishes ready to serve at Harry & David's. The company offers a fully cooked roast turkey for Thanksgiving, perfectly seasoned and weighing about 10 pounds.

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    Smoked turkey
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    Greenberg's smoked turkeys are slow-cooked over a hickory fire resulting in a rich, smoky taste, which produces a nice color and very moist meat. Greenberg has some of the best smoked turkeys you will find.

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    Mail Order Turkeys
    Heritage Foods USA.

    Heritage Foods USA sells exclusively Frank Reese's Heritage turkeys, an endangered breed that's been brought back from near extinction. According to the USDA, Heritage remains the only farmer allowed to use the name “Heritage” on its label thanks to certification by the oldest agricultural organization in North America, the American Poultry Association. All heritage turkeys are certified to be humanely raised with no antibiotics.

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    Turkey entree
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    Large 14-to-16-pound turkeys are available from Organic Prairie. The birds are fed only an organic diet and raised free range, with no antibiotics, synthetic hormones or pesticides.  

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    This wonderful smokehouse located in New England has a large selection of smoked meats. Everything is good here and the smoked turkey is no exception -- delicious and moist with an appealing mahogany color.

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    Mail Order Turkeys

    For over 80 years, this Wisconsin landmark has been making delicious applewood smoked meats. Nueske's offers turkeys in three sizes: small, 7 to 8 pounds; medium, 9 to 10 pounds; and family, 11 to 12 pounds.

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    Roast turkey
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    Willie Bird's has been raising free-range turkeys in Sonoma County, California, for more than 40 years. Although smoked, whole turkeys are the company's most popular product, it also offers fresh and frozen whole turkeys for mail order.

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    Mr. Billy's Cajun Market.

    If you are looking for something different this Thanksgiving, try a deep-fried whole turkey. Mr. Billy's makes and sells traditional South Louisiana Cajun-fried turkeys. Each turkey is injected with a quart of "Geaux Juice" -- a mixture of orange juice and Cajun spices -- rubbed all over with spices and fried the next day in peanut oil. The turkeys weigh 10 to 12 pounds and come in spicy or lightly seasoned varieties. Smoked whole turkeys are also available.