7 Maintenance-Free Living Wall Planters by Flowerbox

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    The Preserved Collection by Flowerbox


    Living wall planters are an excellent way to green up a small place without sacrificing floor space. But if you shied away from the idea because you have a brown thumb or think indoor gardening is a major hassle listen up. Flowerbox, a company, dedicated to bringing nature into people’s homes recently, launched their dazzling Preserved Collection. It’s a line of maintenance-free natural plants that have been preserved using an eco-friendly and unique conservation process. The treatment allows the plants to retain their lush beauty, softness, and natural freshness without water, sunlight or soil for a minimum of 5 years – guaranteed.

    I found seven items from Flowerbox’s Preserved Collection that are perfect for small spaces.  My first pick is the wooden “Love” wall frame planter. It's full of preserved Moss Lichen.

    Size: 15.7-inch x 10.2-inch x 1.9-inch                                                                                    Price: $89.95

    There's more so read on!

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    The Eco Glossy


    The Eco Glossy shown above has a crafted cardboard frame that's available in five different colors. I like green. FYI, all of the plants in the Preserve Collection are 100 percent biodegradable.

    Size: 10.6-inch x 10.6 inch
    Price: $59.95

    Check out these tiny indoor gardens.

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    The Toilette Sign


    The man and woman shaped planters are available as a set. The wooden frame is full of preserved Moss Lichen.

    Size: 7.8-inch x 7.8-inch x 1.9-inch
    Price: $89.95

    Here are more vertical garden ideas.

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    The Metal Planter


    This colorful vertical planter is available in white (shown) or red.

    Size: D 3.1-inch, 27.5-inch                                                                                                            Price: $249.95                                                                               

    This idea turns your windowsill into a vegetable garden.

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    The Nature Mono


    This wall frame planter is made from wood. Larger sizes are available.

    Size: 8.7-inch x 8.7-inch                                                                                                         Price: $89.95

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    The Bambi Living Wall Planter


    This one is super sweet. The wooden frame is full of preserved Moss Lichen.

    Size: 7.8-inch x 7.8-inch x 1.0-inch                                                                                        Price: $89.95

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    Courtesy of Flowerbox

    You can make a big green statement with this large living wall frame.

    Size: 31.5-inch x 31.5-inch                                                                                                    Price: $589.95

    To learn more: Flowerbox