How to Make a DIY Fleece Rug

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    Make a DIY Fleece Rug

    handknotted fleece rug
    This hand-knotted shag rug, made from strips of fleece fabric, adds warmth and softness underfoot. Photo by Jackie Burrell

    Looking for something cozy underfoot for that dorm room or first apartment? A DIY fleece rug is just the ticket.

    This fun craft project is easy to make and soft on the tootsies. It will also use up of all those random bits from your other fleece dorm crafts: cozy fleece blanket, no-sew fleece pillows or the adorable fleece hat and scarf you made for tailgating. 

    It is a project that you can do in an evening or two. You can even create it while watching your favorite TV show or movie!

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    Materials Needed for a DIY Fleece Rug

    Fleece Remnants

     This easy fleece rug requires just three things:

    • Fleece remnants
    • Rug canvas
    • Scissors

    Fleece Remnants 

    Gather as many fleece remnants as you can find. The color and pattern of the fleece will not matter. You can work in a defined pattern with various colors or go the random route, picking up any piece of fleece as you work the rug.

    Cut the fleece into strips that are 3/4-inch wide and 4-inches long. Fleece stretches more in one direction than the other, so cut the strips in the direction that...MORE maximizes stretchiness.

    You can also make this rug with other scrap material or even use old t-shirts. It is the perfect recycling project!

    Rug Canvas 

    The backing for this project is a rug canvas. This handy, net-like grid makes it easy to weave the rug and cut a straight line. 

    Cut the canvas to whatever size want your rug to be. A 2x3 foot rug is perfect for an entry or next to a dorm bed. 

    Rug canvas can be found at most craft and fabric stores (look for it near the yarn). 

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    How to Make a Fleece Rug

    Girl lying on rug
    Dougal Waters Getty Images

    First of all, turn on a good movie. This is a great project and it couldn't be easier, but it can become tedious. A little drama or some nice cinematic explosions help move things along.

    To Create the Fleece Rug

    Grab a handful of fleece strips and cut one of the ends at an angle (don't worry about tidiness or symmetry). It is much easier to thread the fabric into the canvas if you have a pointy end to work with.

    1. Starting at one corner of the rug canvas, thread a fleece strip (angle-end...MORE first) down through a hole and back up through the adjacent hole.
    2. Pull it through so the two ends are even and tie a tight knot. 
    3. Repeat, skipping a hole in between piece. Fleece is thick and it will fill the spaces nicely. If using a thinner material (like old T-shirts), you will want to go hole-by-hole.

    That's it! Just keep repeating - thread it through, tie it off, thread it through, tie it off - mixing in other colors or patterns to suit your taste.

    Cleaning the Rug

    To clean the rug, simply take it outside and shake it out.

    The rug can also be hand-washed in the bathtub with a little detergent. Rinse well and hang it to dry.