You Don't Need a Tub for a Luxurious Bathroom: Simple Tips to Get a Spa Space

bathroom vanity

Louis Duncan-He

If you think having a tub is the key to making your bathroom feel nice and luxe, think again. It's still totally possible to create the spa-like bathroom of your dreams with just a shower. And, given that Pinterest has predicted that elevated shower routines will be all the rage this year, there's no better time than now to level up your bathroom.

Keep Your Bathroom Tidy

Don't skimp on cleaning days! Keeping your bathroom looking nice and fresh will work wonders, Jen Dallas, of Jen Dallas Interior Architecture & Design Studio, says. Then, once you've put the sprays away, zhush up your space with a few key extras. Dallas also enjoys incorporating natural elements in the bathroom whether it is a potted plant or a vase of flowers, and don't forget to put in a load of laundry and fill your space with freshly cleaned linens. "There's something so luxurious about having clean towels handy and available," Dallas says. Take things to the next level by scooping up bath sheets in lieu of regular towels. "They're often large enough to wrap yourself in twice," Mary Patton Design's Mary Patton says.

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Cathie Hong Interiors

Perfect Your Product Display

To make your bathroom appear a bit more spa-like, focus on how you showcase your various bath products within the space. "Your bathroom should feel like an escape and should not cause you more stress in your day," Amy Youngblood, of Amy Youngblood Interiors, says. "Keep clutter out of sight and off of countertops. Organize it in a way that you’re not digging through the mess under your sink and causing yourself stress." Youngblood suggests displaying perfume bottles but decanting less aesthetically pleasing items into jars that better match your style. And don't be afraid to stock up on pampering products galore. "Even if you don’t have a tub, you can use bath salts to exfoliate in the shower," Patton offers. "Display them in a beautiful glass bowl in the bathroom for a spa-like touch."

products in jar and plant

Erin Williamosn Design

Don't Skimp on Candles or Good Lighting

It's time to hit the candle aisle! To get a truly spa-like feel, incorporate candles and essential oils in your bathroom, then, go ahead and switch up your lighting. "Don’t use fluorescent, cool temperature lighting—use warm natural lighting in your vanity lights and overheads," Youngblood says. Don't stop at just the bulbs, though, you can create a brand-new atmosphere in your bathroom by swapping out fixtures, too. "Decorative as well as functional sconces, chandeliers, and puck lighting can all create a mood or serve a purpose in a beautifully designed bathroom," Kristina Phillips, of Kristina Phillips Interior Design, says.

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Desiree Burns Interiors

Incorporate a Small Piece of Furniture

If your bathroom has the space, consider incorporating a small piece of furniture next to the tub or shower, as you would see in a hotel. Think about how you can use this piece to make your space appear a little more luxe. "Maybe it's a small pedestal table to place a basket with towels or even a vase with flowers on top," Dallas says. "Or a small chair to place towels available for use or to sit and finish your tea in the morning."

Rethink Your Current Shower

If you're able to take on a bit larger project, consider adding a rainfall shower system. "Having the feeling of standing in the rain helps to create a spa feel," April Gandy, of Alluring Designs Chicago, says. Gandy is also a fan of installing a steam shower if the project scope allows it. Or just invest in a new showerhead. "Adding multiple sprays from the ceiling or shower sides is also a nice addition," Andi Morse, of Morse Design, says. "If nothing else, having a handheld spray is a bonus."

Add a Bench to Your Shower

Make lathering up and shaving a bit simpler by installing a bench in your shower. While built-in options are ultra-luxe, you can still achieve this setup even if you're not completing a construction project. Hattie Collins of Hattie Sparks Interiors suggests incorporating a teak stool or bench into the shower.

built in bench in shower

Design: Hattie Sparks Interiors / Photo: Laura Steffan