Make A Splash With Bold Bathroom Colors

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Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty Images

Bathrooms are the underdogs of decoration. They are often forgotten, left to the last minute and to the last dollars of our decoration budgets. Their colors are often muted and ordinary, because it's more of a functional room than a space where anyone wants to spend a lot of time.

Well, unless you're a big bathing enthusiast (like me) or you just like to have decor flair in every room of your home, not just the ones where people spend a lot of time.

And one bold statement you can make, decor-wise, is using a bright color in your bathroom. It's unexpected, unusual, and definitely cool. 

Let's have a look at the many ways you can add bold colors to your bathroom, from subtle to all-over color.

Subtle splash of color: accessories

If you're a renter or you're not sure you want to commit to repainting the bathroom, you can always use accessories to add colors to the space. 

Everybody loves nice, soft towels--but what if they were bright and colorful too? Don't just go for the boring, ordinary white or neutral towel. Look at what colors and patterns attract your eye while shopping for your towels. You might find something that adds just the perfect dash of bright color to your bathroom.

Your counter items--toothbrush holder, soap dish, water tumbler--can also provide a subtle but colorful touch to your bathroom decor. Often, they come in matching sets with towels; of course, you don't have to do that either. Sometimes a little mismatching is more interesting visually, as long as the colors coordinate.

One last thing you can use is the shower curtain. Shower curtains come in all kinds of patterns and colors, from the most subtle and traditional to the boldest, most outrageous ones. Find one that you like, and replace your old, boring shower curtain with something that has a little more oomph.

A little bit more color: cabinets and carpets

Okay, so you're into color, and subtle touches are not enough for you, but you don't have the budget to re-tile your entire bathroom. No problem: you can add some more color by using the cabinets and adding carpets.

My first suggestion for this category would be to paint your cabinets in a bright color of your choice. It's not a big financial investment (one bucket of paint usually does the trick), and you can still paint over it if you don't like it. Try bold colors like hot pink, yellow, turquoise or orange. If you have floor or ceiling moldings in the bathroom, paint them over the same color to add some visual interest and harmony in the room.

A trendy thing to do in bathrooms lately is to use carpets and rugs--not the ugly bath maths you usually see, but beautifully patterned and visually interesting rugs. Be careful though--make sure you can wash the rug regularly to stop mold from growing.

All over color: tiles, paint and wallpaper

Well, if you have a big budget and bold ideas, now's your turn. Want to make a big statement with your bathroom? Get a colorful tile for the bathroom or shower walls, and paint the rest of the room. It's a bigger financial investment, and it's harder to change if you don't like it, so make sure that's really what you want.

Tiles now come in such a wide variety of shapes, colors and patterns that it would be hard to make a specific suggestion. When shopping, note tile styles that catch your eye. Some tiles that are meant for more colorful rooms, like the kitchen, can work really well when used in the bathroom. Don't be afraid to think outside the box here.

If you're not afraid of patterns, look into bathroom-friendly wallpapers. The possibilities are infinite there--wallpaper makers are constantly coming up with new patterns and colors for the trendiest decorators.

Bold enough for you?

Want to be bold? Try adding color in the bathroom. Whether it's a subtle touch or an all-over makeover, you can indulge in your color desires even in this most functional of rooms.