Make an Easter Basket From Cardstock

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    How to Make an Easter Basket for Rubber Stamping

    Easy Easter Basket
    Easy Easter Basket. Kate Pullen

    This is a very simple way to make an Easter basket that is perfect for customizing with rubber stamps and other embellishments. This is a very versatile project. The body of the basket is created from a square of cardstock and as such, it can be made in any size. The handle can be made from a piece of cardstock, ribbon or anything else that complements the overall look of the basket. The basket can be 'dressed up' with lots of decoration and embellishments or kept plain.

    Materials...MORE Required

    • A square of cardstock (the basket in the picture was made from a 12" square)
    • A piece of cardstock or ribbon for the handle
    • 2 brads or other fastenings
    • Ruler, pencil and glue
    • Paper folder (useful but not necessary)
    • Rubber stamps, inks, coloring supplies and embellishments as required

    See the next page for step by step instructions.

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    Score the Cardstock

    Score the Cardstock
    Score the Cardstock. Kate Pullen

    Draw lines dividing the square into 9 equal pieces as shown. Lightly score the cardstock.

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    Stamp the Card

    Stamp the Card
    Stamp the Card. Kate Pullen

    Add rubber stamped decorations as required. I have just added stamped images to the ends of the baskets. Tip: Make the basket out of scrap paper first to see how best to position your stamps.

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    Cut the Card

    Cut the Card
    Cut the Card. Kate Pullen

    Cut up the two folds on each of the sides as shown.

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    Form the Basket

    Form the Basket
    Form the Basket. Kate Pullen

    Shape the basket by carefully pulling the front and back of the basket together, allowing the cut edges of the card to overlap. Use a brad or other fastener to hold the edges together and attach the handle. Add a dab of glue along the edges if required.The basket is finished! This must be one of the quickest ways to make an Easter basket, yet with a few additional embellishments and decorations, you can quickly turn it into something special!