Decorating Pens and Pencil Holders

Creative Ways to Personalize Your Pens and Pencil Holders

Learn how you can personalize and decorate your pens and pencils and how to make fancy containers to hold those pens and pencils. These are fun for back-to-school or to use in the office.

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    Beaded Pen and Pencil Wraps
    Beaded Pen and Pencil Wraps.

    Discover how easy it is to dress up all of your pens and pencils by using alphabet beads and wire

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    Blooming Pens
    Blooming Pens.

    This tutorial teaches you how to use silk flowers to make fancy pens and pencils you will love to use.

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    Craft Stick Pencil Holder
    Craft Stick Pencil Holder.

    You can use a handful of craft sticks and a tin can or toilet paper roll to craft a container you can use to hold pens or pencils.

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    Crayon Wrapper Pot
    Crayon Wrapper Pot.

    Learn how you can make a fun pencil or crayon pot using crayon wrappers and decoupage techniques.

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    Dangling Bead Pencil

    Dangling Bead Pencil
    Dangling Bead Pencil.

    You can personalize your pencils by embellishing them with a string of beads. Try to find special beads that represent your interests, like beads shaped like sports balls.

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    Decorate a Pencil Case How-To Video

    Decorate a Pencil Case How-To Video
    Decorate a Pencil Case How-To Video.

    Watch this how-to video and you will get ideas and be inspired to decorate your own pencil case.

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    Feather Face Pencil

    Feather Face Pencil
    Feather Face Pencil.

    These instructions explain how you can give your school pencils some personality using feathers and wiggle eyes.

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    Film Strip Pencil Cup
    Film Strip Pencil Cup.

    Jackie Burrell shares how to make a fashionable pencil holder using a can and photos.

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    Magic Wand Pencil

    Magic Wand Pencil
    Magic Wand Pencil.

    Craft yourself a colorful wand that you can use to pretend you are a wizard and finish your homework with.

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    Mosaic Tin Can

    Mosaic Tin Can Craft
    Mosaic Tin Can Craft.

    This amazing tin can will look beautiful ​on any desk holding your pens and pencils.

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    Pencil Holder Video Tutorial

    Pencil Holder Craft
    Pencil Holder Craft.

    This craft video will teach you how to dress up a tin can or disposable cup into an elegant pencil holder.

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    Pencil Top Critter

    Pencil Top Critter Craft
    Pencil Top Critter.

    You can use a few basic craft supplies to dress up your pencils using these simple suggestions.

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    School Fun Pencil Holder

    School Fun Pencil Holder
    School Fun Pencil Holder.

    Check out this adorable pencil holder Jan made using chipboard, paper, ribbon, and stickers.

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    Yellow Dots Painted Pot

    Yellow Dots Painted Pot
    Yellow Dots Painted Pot.

    A visitor named Di shared this painted pot she made. I think it would make a fun pencil holder, don't you?