How to Make Coloring Pages with Digital Stamps

Grab your pencils and get coloring!. Getty Images: LSP

Unless you've lived under a stone for the last few months, you'll know that coloring is hot right now. People from children to adults are grabbing their pens, pencils, paints and anything else they can use to color, to enjoy the relaxing hobby of coloring. Coloring is relaxing, therapeutic and a thoroughly enjoyable way to pass a few hours. There are some fantastic coloring pages available at places like and you can also make your own using digital stamps.

The Benefits of Coloring

Of course, none of the benefits of coloring will come as any surprise to a rubber stamper. After all, what do we after we've stamped an image (well, perhaps not every time but certainly more often than not), we add color! Many rubber stampers got hooked on the coloring trend many moons ago, and are enjoying both coloring their rubber stamped images and also the larger scale coloring of coloring pages.

Most coloring books and coloring pages are larger than digital stamps. Digital stamps are typically designed to fit onto cards and scrapbook pages, as part of card making, scrapbook page decorating and other craft projects. However, coloring pages are designed to print onto a full piece of paper, whether that's letter sized paper for US readers or A4 size paper for international readers. This gives plenty of room for coloring and these designs range from intricate to designs with lots of space for easy coloring.

Of course, there are exceptions to this, some coloring books have multiple images on a page and many digital coloring pages can be sized up or down on your computer or printer.

How to Make Coloring Pages from Digital Stamps

If you are looking for something a little different then how about creating your own coloring pages using digital stamps?


Before we move on, it's important to stress that we're talking about using digital stamps to create coloring pages for your own use, and not to sell. Check the terms and conditions (Angel Policy) if you are not sure what you can and cannot do with digital stamps from a particular designer. The terms of use of digital stamps you will find here at are listed at the end of this page. We have over 100 free digital stamps you can view here.

You can create a custom coloring page with digital stamps by choosing the digital stamps you would like to turn into coloring pages and using a graphics or photo editing package to manipulate the images, for example to flip or resize them. You could also use a drawing software application to do this, for example Drawing in LibreOffice will allow you do do this.

Paste the images you want to turn into coloring pages into a sheet in your software. Chose digital stamps which are patterns or shapes which you can combine. These four flower digital stamps which you will find for free download here at are perfect for this. Duplicate the images, rotate them and change the direction they face by flipping them to create an all over pattern on your page.

You can also add some other decoration, perhaps by drawing freehand using your mouse or adding some shapes from your software program. When you are happy with how it looks, download this to your computer and print to before coloring.

You could also add some decoration by hand before coloring. 

Create Patterns Using Shapes

Another interesting way to create your own coloring pages would be to place some simple shapes onto a page using your graphics software, perhaps a range of circles, triangles, squares or a mix. Then take a black pen and doodle into the shapes. Make lots of small repeating patterns. These will be fun to color. You could consider scanning your finished work into your computer so you can save it and recolor the image time and time again as the mood takes you.

You could also consider adding text to your coloring page.

Look for a font with an outline. You can then color this as part of your coloring page. This is a great way to give your coloring page a theme, for example to make it a coloring page to celebrate a wedding, birthday, anniversary, birth of a child or any other occasion. Perhaps consider giving your hand drawn coloring pages as gifts. Just add the a few crayons or pens to the gift so someone can start coloring immediately.

Printing Coloring Pages

When you print your coloring pages, make sure you print onto good quality paper. If you print onto thin printer paper, you may find that the color bleeds through to the other side. This is something that is likely to happen if you use marker pens in particular. Try using heavy weight paper, similar to the quality you use in your rubber stamping projects. This will give you much better finished results. This is the best option if you want to frame and keep your finished colored page.

Printing the coloring page onto colored paper is another way to create different results. If you print onto pastel colored paper you can still add color using pens or marker pens. If you print onto darker paper you will need to use a coloring method which will go well with dark backgrounds. Chalks could be a great option here, and if you use chalks with glitter in it you will get a lovely sparking finish. You could also consider using coloring methods such as crayon or oil pastels to color over dark paper as these have a higher density of pigment.

Other Printing Options

Another option if you are looking for something a little different is to print your coloring page onto special printable medium, for example printable fabric or even printable shrink plastic. This is an interesting way to add some more interest to your projects. Shrink plastic is great fun to color. The finished results are deeper in color than the original and will certainly be a lot smaller. This is handy if you want to make items such as jewelry or accessories out of the finished shrunken pieces of plastic.

A great way to show off your unique designs and create pieces of one of a kind wearable art. Printable fabric is also fun to work with. You can use fabric paints and fabric pens to color your coloring page. These are specifically designed not to fade or run on fabrics and are ideal for making patches for clothes, turning into pillows and bags - in fact use them to create a whole range of items. You will find a range of printable fabrics available including silk, cotton and even cross stitch fabric.

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