Fun Ideas for Photo Crafts

How to Make Craft Projects With Your Photos

Whether you are an experienced photographer or just getting started in photography, crafting is a wonderful way to display your photos. Photo crafts make great decorations, souvenirs, and gifts. If you would like to give a photo in a frame along with a photo craft, you should consider making a picture frame.

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    CD Photo Ornament

    CD Photo Ornament Craft
    CD Photo Ornament.

    Decorate the shiny side of a CD with a photo. You can use a variety of different supplies to decorate the CD, and a piece of felt to cover the back side of the ornament.

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    Con-Tact Paper Bookmarker

    Con-Tact Paper Bookmarker Craft
    Con-Tact Paper Bookmarker.

    Follow these directions, and you can make a bookmark using clear Con-tact paper and photographs.

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    Flat Marble Photo Magnet

    Flat Marble Photo Magnet Craft
    Flat Marble Photo Magnet.

    You can make several small photo magnets using decoupage techniques and flat marbles.

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    Personal Paper Doll

    Photo Paper Doll Craft
    Personal Paper Doll.

    Discover how you can create a personalized paper doll using these free templates and a photo.

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    Personalized Photo Calendar

    Photo Calendar Craft
    Personalized Photo Calendar.

    A visitor named Patricia shares several suggestions for making a personalized calendar featuring photos, birthdays, and anniversaries.

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    Photot Transfer Craft
    Photo Apron Craft.

    Check out these directions, shared by a visitor named Jennifer, and you will find out how easy it is to iron a photo onto an apron.

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    Photo Canvas Wall Hanging
    Photo Canvas Wall Hanging.

    Learn how to you create lovely wall hangings by putting your own photos on artist canvas and sealing it using decoupage techniques.

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    How to make Photo Crafts
    Photo Collage.

    If you have quite a few photos, you want to use in a project, check out these ideas for making a large collage using them.

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    Photo Flower Craft
    Photo Flower Craft.

    The perfect center for any craft flower is a smiling face. Learn how to decorate your flowers using a photo and a flat marble.

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    Photo Ornaments Video

    Photo Ornament Craft
    Photo Ornament Craft.

    Watch this how-to video and find directions for making a couple of different kinds of photo ornaments.

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    Photo Plant Poke

    Photo Crafts
    Photo Plant Poke.

    Not only can you use these photo crafts to decorate a plant of a vase full of flowers, but you can also make smaller versions to use to decorate cupcakes and other treats.

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    Photo Tag Craft

    Free Photo craft
    Photo Tag Craft.

    Print this tag pattern out of heavy card stock and then use these directions to make a photo luggage tag out of it.

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    Scrapbook in a Jar

    Scrapbook in a Jar Craft
    Scrapbook in a Jar.

    Kathryn explains how you can create a unique scrapbook in a jar using photos, stickers, and any other supplies you want.