Learn How to Make Dinosaur Balloon Animals

What kid isn't interested in dinosaurs? Here's a collection of dinosaurs that you can make from balloons. You may use these as decorations at a dinosaur-themed event, or make them for the kids to carry around, admire and take home. Learn how to make the dinosaur balloon animals from our detailed step-by-step instructions and our demonstration videos.

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    A Dinosaur Balloon Animal - Version 1.

    Here's a balloon sculpture that resembles a brontosaurus, which is now known as an apatosaurus. This one is the basic dinosaur balloon animal that you can make from a single balloon. If you can make a dog balloon, you can make this one. Just follow our step-by-step instructions.

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    This one is mighty cute. It's a baby Stegasaurus (before it's sprouted its tail spikes). And as you'll see from our step-by-step instructions, this balloon animal can be presented in different ways.

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    How to Make a T-Rex or Sharptooth Dinosaur Balloon

    The T-Rex Balloon Animal.

    Is this balloon sculpture a "terrible lizard." It's simply the most popular dinosaur out there, the T-Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex, or "Sharptooth." You can make this one out of two balloons. And best yet, it's one of the few balloon animals out there that can stand on its own two feet. Of the dinosaur balloons here, this one is the most complex and requires the most skill.