How to Make Dollhouse and Play Scale Food or Food Jewelery

This list of more than 40  free photo tutorials for making dolls' house miniature food and play scale foods or jewelry covers everything from comfort foods and main courses to desserts and snacks. Not all the projects are made with polymer clay. Some use air dry clay, florist's foam or other materials. The tutorials are all clearly explained with photos to make them easy for beginners.

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    Make Miniature Fruits and Vegetables

    Photo of 1:12 scale miniature blackberries in a fruit basket and unpicked on the cane.
    1:12 Scale Blackberries in a Fruit Bsket and Unpicked on the Cane. Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    These projects introduce you to a range of simple techniques for making highly realistic fruits and vegetables in miniature scales.

    • Make Miniature Blackberries or Raspberries - use micro beads (or tiny balls of polymer clay)
    • Make Miniature Blueberres, Pinkberries, Service Berries \ Saskatoons
    • Make Realistic Peaches with Fuzz - polymer clay
    • Make Lemons and Lemon Slices, Oranges, Limes or Grapefruits - polymer clay canes
    • Make Onions and Onion Slices - polymer clay canes


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    Make Kitchen Staple Foods in Miniature, Dollhouse and Play Scales

    Dollhouse waffles with buter, syrup and blackberries
    Dollhouse Waffles with Butter, Syrup and Blackberries. Lesley Shepherd

    Comfort foods and everyday dishes are a staple for dolls' house miniaturists and re-ment or play scale kitchens. Here are a range of techniques used to make them.

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    Design Your Own Miniature Cookies


    Scale miniature cookies can be made in a range of designs that mimic home made and commercial baking. Try some of the methods below to extend you range of miniature accessories for parlor, kitchen or shop scenes.


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    Make Special Holidays and Celebration Food in Miniature

    Decorated miniature sugar skull in dollhouse scale made from a polymer clay bead.
    Decorated miniature sugar skull in dolls house scale, beside a quarter for a size reference. Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    You can make a wide range of scale miniature foods for displays for special celebrations. Here you'll find everything from birthday and Mother's day cakes, to Haggis for Burns Suppers and Sugar Skulls For Day of the Dead Offrendas.


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    How to Make Miniature Chocolates and Candies

    Panorama Easter egg in dolls house scale.
    A decorated dolls house scale panorama Easter egg sits on a stand made from a disc shaped bead. Photo Copyright 2011 Lesley Shepherd

    Miniature chocolates and candies can be used for a range of miniature dollhouse shops and special scenes.

    • Make Miniature Chocolates - polymer clay
    • Make Valentine's Day Chocolates and Chocolate Boxes - polymer or air dry clay
    • Make Decorated Chocolate Easter Eggs - polymer clay or air dry clay
    • Make 'Chocolate' Panoramic Easter Eggs - polymer clay or air dry clay
    • Make Miniature 'Chocolate' Easter Bunnies From Molds - polymer clay, air dry clay
    • Sculpt Custom Miniature...MORE 'Chocolate' Easter Bunnies - polymer or air dry clay
    • Make "Chocolate" curls and ruffles for sumptuous miniature cakes and pastries
    • Make Candy Floss or Cotton Candy - Fiber


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    Make Miniature Deli Meats and Cheeses

    Dollhouse scale slices of a traditional Tuscan style salami
    Thin slices and a section of an artisan style salami, made from polymer clay in 1:12 dollhouse scale. Photo © 2013 Lesley Shepherd

    With the right color mixes and techniques for blending clay, you can may a wide range of sausages and meat suitable for deli scenes or picnic spreads. Try these to learn the techniques, then create your favorites.


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    Make Dollhouse Baking and Pantry Supples

    Vintage printable macaroni packet, tin of salmon, and fruit crate label in dolls house scale.
    Vintage groceries in dolls house scale made from free printable labels. Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    You can make dolls' house scalefood packaging from printables, and you can make very realistic spills and and items like raw eggs from standard art supplies.

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    Make Miniature Snack Food and Fair Foods

    Miniature French fries in dollhouse scale made from lightweight air dry modelling compound.
    Chips, French Fries or Patat met Pindasaus in Dolls House Scale made from air dry modelling clay. Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    Of course miniature scenes need junk food or fair food for special scenes. These tutorials have everything from ice cream cones to popcorn,, bread, chips, french fries, cotton candy and mini donuts.


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    Special Techniques For Molding Miniature Food Shapes Over and Over

    Dolls house scale wine bottle, flagon, perfume and fillable bottles cast from clear epoxy resin.
    Dolls house scale wine bottle, flagon, perfume bottle and filled bottle cast from clear epoxy resin in silicone putty molds. Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to Inc.

    Silicone moulds make it easy to make some miniature foods over and over in endless variations. Here are some special uses for two part silicone mold putty