How To Make Your Dream of a Clutter-Free Home Come True

Follow these steps to get the energy to purge

Get clutter-free and energized with these tips
Get clutter-free and energized with these tips. Getty Images/Gregory Costanzo

In a previous post I wrote about how to start de-cluttering by getting emotionally in touch with your clutter.  This is so important to do because if you do this it’s highly unlikely you’ll let the clutter get to that point again (regardless of how young your kids are or how little help you have at home).

In this post I’ll share how I de-cluttered my home in hopes that it’ll work for you and if it doesn’t tweak it to work for you.

  Here it is:

Create goals that will result in small triumphs

Since we’re working moms we are busy.   When creating your plan there needs to be small triumphs that will encourage us to use our energy to get started. 

With each cleared out and organized room there will be a new feeling or triumph.  Will the sun shine come into the room differently?  Will you be able to walk more freely into the room?  Picture how each cleared out space will allow you to breathe better. 

And sure, throw in a new candle you’ve been eyeing in your newly cleaned space.

Start the purge plan then act

In your plan, which can be written out as much as you’d like or tackle just one room, pick out what is clutter and what is not.  What are you interested in removing from the room?  When did you, or someone else, touched this item?  Does it need to be in this room or re-located (like to the attic).

Then act.  Leave a box out and out of children’s reach and start tossing.

  Do it slowly or plow through it in an hour.  If you aren’t sure if you should get rid of something put it in a box and put the box out of sight.  Revisit it during your next purge-fest.  You’ll know by then if there are any keepers in there.

My saving grace was a donation pick up service.  We’d leave all the boxes by the door and in the morning we’d haul them out.

  I get so happy when I stare out the window and the boxes are gone.  So easy!

In my weekly to-do list I never list a task that says clean the whole house.  There are cleaning and purging projects that I’m working on and I list just a few tasks for that project.  This stops perfection from taking over and from me wanting to just clean everything in sight.  

How to avoid mega clutter in the future

I now decorate minimally.  I’ve accepted that this is how my home will be decorated until my children have moved out.

I have very nice things neatly packed up until that day I can appreciate dusting them and not resent this task.  I didn’t enjoy resenting my lovely things.  I’d rather be grateful.  So my things they are put away until a time that will feel right to bring them out.

Have one space that is (almost) always clutter-free

I don’t allow clutter on my kitchen counter.  There are no kitchen appliances on this counter.  My appliances are on other counters (I don’t have many) and the rest are put away in cabinets.  

This clear space brings me peace.  The rest of the house can be a mess, but this counter is clear and clean (got this one from my sister-in-law). 

Every night this space is the one spot that I clear.

 It makes me feel good heading to bed knowing that when I wake up to make coffee I see space.  

Now I want to hear from you!

What is part of your de-clutter plan?  What has worked for you?  Tell me all about it over on my Facebook page!  I’m always open to learning new tips!