How to Make Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Coloring, Decorating, Crafts, and Games

Colorful easter egg nest on green background
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Eggs are definitely a symbol many of us relate to Easter. In a lot of households, it is a tradition to spend time coloring Easter eggs. Eggs, whether they are real or plastic, are hidden and participants are challenged to search for them. Easter baskets are filled with egg-shaped treats. Have you ever celebrated Easter without eggs of some sort?

Here are some creative and fun projects and activities that revolve around Easter eggs:

  • Dyeing Easter Eggs
    Check out all of these creative ways you can dye your eggs.
  • Easter Egg Crafts
    Browse through this collection of fun egg crafts that you can use to decorate or just to celebrate.
  • Plastic Easter Egg Crafts
    You can use plastic eggs to do more than hide small Easter treats. Try one of more of these crafts.

Use the resources here to find out how to prepare your eggs for decorating and different options for coloring them.

If you are going to dye or decorate your Easter eggs, your best bet is to either hard boil them or blow them out.

How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs

Place the desired number of eggs carefully in a large pot. Add enough cold water to completely cover the eggs. Place the pan on the stove on high heat and bring the water to a boil. Cover the pan and turn off the heat. Let sit on the stove for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes run the pan of eggs under cold water until the shells are cool to the touch.

Hard boiled eggs should be stored in the refrigerator.

How to Blow Out Eggs

Wash your egg well. Carefully poke a small hole in each pointed end of the raw egg. Hold the egg over a bowl and blow into one of the holes. The egg liquid should slowly come out the other hole. Sometimes this is a big job, and kids should get an adults help and permission before trying this.

Once the egg shell is empty, rinse it off and set it aside to dry.

Easter Egg Related Games

Plan on playing some of these Easter egg related games at your next Easter gathering or party. You can use real eggs or plastic eggs to play these fun games.

  • Easter Egg Hunt: Of course, this is one of the more popular games played with Easter eggs. Very simply, one person hides the Easter eggs and the other people search for them. The only trick is for the person hiding the eggs to remember where they are, especially if you are using real eggs.
  • Easter Egg Rolling: Mark a starting line and a finishing line. Contestants must roll their eggs from one line to the next using a spoon or similar object to push the eggs. If a player touches their egg or breaks their egg, they are out of the race. The first person to get their egg across the finish line wins. For an added twist, roll the eggs down a hill.
  • Spoon Races: Designate a starting line and a finishing line. Every person gets an egg and a spoon (larger, soup spoons work best). All contestants line up on the starting line and put their eggs in their spoons. At the word go, everyone races to the finish line; the first person to cross wins. If your egg falls of your spoon, you must go back to the starting line and begin again. For a bit of variety, make this a relay race or make the contestants run an obstacle course. If you really want to get tricky, have the races hold the end of the spoon in their mouths.
  • Yard Bowling with Easter Eggs: Place one egg in the center of a large circle. Have all players stand just outside the circle. Everyone should have one egg. Everyone takes turns rolling their egg towards the egg in the center of the circle. The object of the game is to get as close to the center egg as possible without touching it. If you touch the center egg, or break your egg, you are out.
  • Egg Knocking Game: Learn how to play this game shared by Sandra.

Coloring Book

Once you are done coloring your real eggs, making egg crafts, and playing some egg games, try making your own coloring book using these free egg printable pages:

  • Easter Egg 1
  • Easter Egg 2
  • Easter Egg 3
  • Easter Egg 4
  • Easter Egg 5
  • Easter Egg 6
  • Design Your Own Easter Egg