How to Make Hat Crafts

Free Hat Craft Projects

From bowl bonnets to crown patterns, you can make these unique hat crafts. Pull out your craft supplies and start making many of these hats crafts right at home. These projects are made using fabric, paper, recyclables and several other supplies. Make some of these hat crafts and then submit your own.

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    Bowl Bonnet

    Bowl Bonnet Craft

    Craft your own fancy bonnet out of a bowl and a few other basic supplies with these directions.

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    Clay Pot Pilgrim Bonnet

    Clay Pot Pilgrim Bonnet

    Follow these instructions and you can make a miniature pilgrim bonnet.

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    Clay Pot Pilgrim Hat

    Clay Pot Pilgrim Hat

    Learn how to make a pilgrim hat to go along with the pilgrim bonnet above. These make fun Thanksgiving decorations.

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    Clown Hat Craft

    If you feel like clowning around, make an easy hat you can wear.

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    Find a variety of ideas you can use to decorate and personalize plain craft foam visors.

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    Craft Foam Crown Pattern

    Design your own crown using craft foam and some rhinestones or other craft supplies.

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    Dr. Seuss' Cat-in-The-Hat Hat

    Make a red and white hat just like the one the Cat In The Hat wears.

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    Easy Fleece Hat Pattern

    This fleece hat is so easy to make that almost everyone in the family can sew their own.

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    Fairy Flower Crown

    Fairy Flower Crown

    Discover how easy it is to use silk flowers and ribbon to make a hat any fairy would be proud to wear.

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    I'm Puzzled Hat

    I'm Puzzled Hat

    Decorate an old straw hat using puzzle pieces.

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    Craft Foam Jester Hat Pattern

    You can make this fun jester hat using brightly colored craft foam and jingle bells. This is fun to wear anytime you want to dance around and act silly.

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    Leprechaun Hat

    Leprechaun Hat Craft

    Learn how you can make a tiny leprechaun hat using a melted styrofoam cup.

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    Mini Graduation Cap

    Mini Graduation Cap Craft

    To make this tiny version of a mortar board, all you need is an egg carton cup, a piece of cardboard and some basic craft supplies.

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    Mouse Ears Headband

    Mouse Ears Headband

    Follow these directions and you can make a headband to wear that features mouse ears.

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    Native American Headband

    Use a strip cut from a paper bag as the base for this headband craft.

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    Patriotic Treat Can

    Fill this patriotic hat with fun treats.

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    Pirate Hat Craft
    Pirate Hat Craft.
    You can download and print out this template and use it to make a pirate hat.
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    Santa Hat Ornament
    This tutorial instructs you how to make a tiny version of Santa's hat using felt and a cotton ball or pom-pom.
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    Spaghetti and Meatball Hat

    Spaghetti and Meatball Hat Craft

    This craft project goes along with the Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs book and movie, but you can make it just for the fun of wearing it.

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    Toilet Paper Roll Pilgrim Hat

    Toilet Paper Roll Pilgrim Hat Craft
    These instructions show you how to make a Thanksgiving place card holder out of a piece cut from a toilet paper roll.
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    Wearable Graduation Cap Craft
    With a few cuts and a few staples, you can make this wearable graduation hat out of poster board.
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    Wizard Hat Craft

    To make this wizard hat, all you need is a cone shaped birthday party hat, some felt and a bit of glue.

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    Wizard Hat Pattern

    Craft Foam Wizard Hat Pattern
    This tutorial shows you how to conjure up a wizardly hat using little more than a piece of craft foam.