Make Hectic Mornings Easier With Your Flock


Mornings are a hectic time in anyone’s life. And with birds in your life, it can be even more so. But with some prior planning, you can make the mornings in your home go much easier for you and your family and flock members. And it all begins the night before.

I have found that the most difficult aspect of caring for my birds in the hectic rush to feed and care for my three African Greys the first thing in the morning is getting their food prepared and dished up.

Pre-plating their  food the night before and covering with plastic wrap saves a few of those precious minutes. Simply dish up their food, place it into their food bowls, put the bowl on a tray or plate, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate. This will save you precious minutes the next day. Simply uncover the bowls and add some healthy fresh toppings to get them interested in investigating their breakfast. 

The evening is a really good time to get many things ready to start the next day. You know you will most likely be having to sweep the floor and clean it in the morning. If you have birds, your vacuum cleaner most likely hasn’t seen the inside of a closet in a long time and has earned a permanent position parked somewhere in the vicinity of where your birds live. By tidying their area up at night, it gives you a fresh start when you get them up in the morning and you’re not walking though their dander and crumbs in your quest to get them fed.


Will you have to do it again after they have eaten and joyfully scattered nut pieces, vegetables and bits of food all over the floor? Of course! But it will be a lot easier if you aren’t dealing with all of the crumbs from the evening. A quick sweep and you’re good to go again. 

If you are looking after your birds correctly, you know you have to keep their cages tidy and change their water bowls.

Multiple sets of water bowls will make your life easier and you can change their water out in an instant. Wash that used set of bowls after you give them fresh water in the clean set. And set the bowls near the sink the night before to have ready to change the water. If they are right there by the faucet, life just got a bit easier!

Changing cage papers is a way of life. It has to be done. You know how much paper you need to change the papers in their cages, so having those papers set out nearby the night before for a “quick change” in the morning and you are ahead of the game. 

Always put papers down inside their cage. Will they rip it up? Sometimes. But that is an enriching activity for them. People can have the same cage for years and it still looks new. Why? Because they have placed papers on the bottom of his cage that entire time they had the cage and haven't had to pressure wash it. Excessive washing can ruin a cage unless you dry it completely. By protecting the finish in the first place, your cage will have a longer life. Cages are expensive so learn to care for them.

After the flock is through eating their fresh food for breakfast, removing those bowls and soaking them for a bit in water will make them easier to wash.

Setting them out to dry and placed nearby for dinner will make your evening routine easy as well. Your clean water and food bowls are right there, waiting for you to prepare their evening meal. 

These are just a few strategies for making life easier for you. And if living with your birds is easier, more efficient and takes less time, you just might be able to take some of that time you saved and spend it with them. This tends to make your relationship with your bird closer and more enriching for the both of you. Arrange your life so that you have the time to spend with your birds. Enjoy them. This allows them to also enjoy you. And really, isn’t that the entire point?