How to Make a Pumpkin or Jack-O-Lantern Balloon

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    A Fall or Halloween Pumpkin Made of Balloons

    A jack-O-lantern made of balloons for Halloween.

    This balloon sculpture can act as a foundation for a balloon-based Halloween Jack-O-Lantern with your choice of a scary or happy face. Or it’s also great if you just want to make a pumpkin of balloons to decorate for the Fall.

    Two or three yellow or orange 260 Balloons balloons (For the pumpkin in the pictures, I used "goldenrod" color Qualatex balloons - part of the balloons in the “Entertainer’s” assortment. I personally don't care for the translucent orange balloons in...MORE the standard pack.)
    One green 260 balloon

    Skills Needed:
    Basic balloon twist
    Fold twist
    Three Balloon Push Through

    For these instructions, I’ll refer to the orange or yellow balloons as “yellow” balloons.

    Inflate the two yellow balloons and leave about half an inch of uninflated end.

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    Begin the Pumpkin Balloon

    Tie the nozzle ends of each balloon to the uninflated ends to tie off the balloons and create loops.
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    Form "Figure Eight" Balloons

    Twist the middle of each loop to form balloons that resemble “figure eights.”
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    Begin to Form Sections of the Balloon Pumpkin

    Fold the “figure eights” in half and then twist the halves of each loop to form four separate “sections.”

    The next step is along the lines of accomplishing a three balloon push through twist. Push one section of the balloon through a pair of other sections. While it's hard to describe, you're creating something that looks like a bunch of bananas, as you can see in the picture. There are four sections of balloons that are joined at the top and bottom.

    Repeat this with the second yellow...MORE balloon.

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    More Work on the Sections of the Pumpkin Balloons

    You've made something that resembles a pumpkin.
    You should have two balloons that now look something like bunches of bananas.

    Repeat the process of the last step - push a segment of one “bunch of bananas” through a pair of segments in the other balloon. You may have to repeat this a few times and make adjustments. The idea is to combine the two “bunches” so there’s a definite core with segments surrounding it.

    Adjust the segments of the pumpkin to your liking.

    You should end up with a balloon sculpture that resembles a pumpkin.

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    Make the Leaves to the Pumpkin Balloon

    The "leaves" of the pumpkin balloon.

    Take the green balloon and inflate it and leave about six inches at the end that's uninflated. Create three fold twists to make "leaves."

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    Adding the Leaves to the Pumpkin Balloon

    Attach the leaves to the top of the pumpkin. It's probably easiest to wrap one of the nozzles from the pumpkin around the center of the leaves. Vice versa, you can wrap the uninflated end of the “leaves” around the core of the pumpkin. The leaves will now be attached to the “top” of your pumpkin.

    Using the uninflated end of the green balloon, extend it to the bottom of the pumpkin. The tighter you stretch the green balloon, the rounder and fuller the pumpkin. Stretch the green balloon until...MORE the shape of the pumpkin is to your liking and then tie it off to the pumpkin’s bottom, at the “core.”

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    To Make a Fuller Pumpkin Balloon

    If you prefer a fuller pumpkin or one with fewer gaps, you can employ a third balloon of the same color (yellow) and add segments to fill the pumpkin out. By adding two additional segments and then cutting away the rest of the balloon with some scissors, I ended up with the fuller pumpkin balloon that you see in the picture.

    Adjust the segments of the pumpkin as needed to straighten the segments and fill out the pumpkin.

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    Make the Balloon Jack-O-Lantern

    A Halloween Jack-O-Lantern made of balloons.

    Your pumpkin balloon is complete. If you wish, you can draw a face using a felt-tipped marker to make a jack-o-lantern.

    One thought on markers. I prefer to use erasable markers as opposed to Sharpie and other markers. Early on, I was told by an experienced balloon twister that there's less balloon popping when one uses an erasable (whiteboard) marker. Since then, I have used Sharpies to draw on a balloon and haven't experienced any significant popping. But I still mostly use...MORE erasable (whiteboard) markers when drawing on balloons.