Great Microwave Bowl Holder

Make Your Own Bowl Holder With These Sewing Patterns

Have you ever gone to grab a bowl from the microwave only to discover that it's too hot to handle? These bowl-shaped pot holders are the perfect thing to stack next to the microwave to prevent burns and spills. They're also great for watching television with a nice warm bowl of soup or chili.

To use them, just set your bowl inside a home-made bowl holder, microwave the bowl till warm, and remove the bowl. Even if the bowl gets hot, your hands will stay cool, and you'll avoid burns and...MORE spills.

Please note! Do not use anything except 100% cotton ... cotton fabric, cotton batting and cotton thread. Polyester is apt to melt and even possibly create a fire if used in the microwave oven! 

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    Sure, you can make these useful little beauties one at a time -- but why not produce a whole collection? That way you have enough for friends and family! These step by step instructions make it easy to create multiple bowl holders at the same time.

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    A reversible bowl holder makes a great gift for any occasion. This free tutorial includes detailed instructions and photos to help you sew your reversible microwave bowl potholder.

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    If you're a quilter (or even if you're not!), you'll find this tutorial easy to follow and you'll love the result. What you're creating is a padded bowl holder that has all the charm of a hand-made mini-quilt!

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    If you're new to sewing, microwave bowl holders are a great project. But while they are simple to make, you will probably need detailed step by step instructions to create the perfect bowl holder.  This free and very detailed tutorial is accompanied by many photos to make the directions clear and easy to follow.

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    Not all bowls are the same size! This free tutorial offers instructions for making three different sized potholders at 8, 10, and 12 inches wide. Full instructions and photos are included.

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    Follow this author's journey as she describes and shows you photos of every step involved as she learned to sew microwave bowl cozies. Not only did she do a great job with easy to follow instructions, but she also added her twist to make her cozies just a little sturdier than most. This blog includes comments so you can read about other's experiences while making microwave bowl cozies.

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    Have a bowl that's extra large or small? This blogger has come up with a simple process for creating a microwave bowl cozy that's just the right size.

  • 08 of 08 offers this pattern for sale as a download in PDF format, or you can buy it with the points you have accumulated on their site.

Many moms spoke of heating the morning oatmeal using these potholders. This sounds like a great idea, but always double check the temperature of the contents before handing the bowl off to small hands!