8 Ways to Make Money by Decluttering Your Closet

The Complete Guide to Making Money by Decluttering Your Closet

Decluttering your closet feels good. You feel a sense of lightness. Order has (temporarily?) been restored. Now what would it feel like to combine decluttering your closet while pocketing a little cash at the same time?   I bet that would feel pretty darn good. Here are 8 places to score some extra cash by decluttering your closet.

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    Your local consignment shop.

    Sell clothing at your local consignment shop

    Navigate over to Google and search for "consignment shop"; jot down their hours and when they take consignments. Some shops only do consignment by appointment, some take them at any time. Make sure your clothing and accessories are clean. You want them to look as close-to-new as possible when the consignment shop assesses them for resale value. Here's more on how to consign your clothing.

    Good for: The person that doesn't want the hassle of shipping.

    Here's how to find your...MORE local consignment shop

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    Like Twice.

    Clothing racks at different heights
    Clothing racks at different heights. Photo / A Beautiful Mess

     Get a free Selling Kit or shipping label and clean out your closet in 15 minutes. Send it into LikeTwice and they make an offer on your clothing.  You get paid via a via store credit (with a 25% bonus), check, PayPal, Venmo or Target GiftCard. You also have the option to Or reject your offer and get it back for just $4.95 shipping.

    Good for: The lazy.

    Here's how to find Like Twice.

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    Employ clothes racks
    Employ clothes racks. Photo / Pop Sugar

    You sign up for an account, they mail you a postage-paid "Closet Clean Out" kit. Set aside a weekend morning to delcutter your closet and fill your Thredup bag with their accepted brands. Once you ship your bag back, Thredup will consign your clothing.  For item under $60, you receive a payout as soon as these items are processed. Over $60, you'll be paid for these items once your items sell. You can use their  Earnings Estimator to see how much others have earned for similar items.

    If...MORE you'd like to have the items ThredUP doesn't accept returned to you, you can select Return Assurance when you order your Clean Out Kit.

    Good for: The lazy.

    Here's how to find Thredup.

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    Clothes storage behind the bed
    Clothes storage behind the bed. Photo / Decor Blog

    Sell your used clothing online via the web's largest auction site. Pros: You retain more of the profit than you would selling your items via a consignment shop. Cons: It's more work. You need to take a good picture, research pricing, answer bidders' and buyer's questions and ship the items.

    Good for: The Type A Scrooge who doesn't mind doing the legwork and doesn't want to share commissions.

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    How to Organize Your Clothes
    How to Organize Your Clothes. Photo / The Container Store

    Poshmark works like Ebay except it's totally focused on clothing. List an item for sale in less than 60 seconds. Shop for new and gently used items at prices up to 70% off retail.

    Good for: The true fashionista who doesn’t mind dealing with shipping.

    Here's how to find Poshmark

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    Tag/Garage Sale.

    Janis Christie / Getty Images

    Clothing does really well at tag sales. Make sure you iron and hang anything before the big tag and target about 20% of your original sale price. That means if you bought a dress for $100, price it at $20.  If you have a bunch of similar items in the same size, try bundling them together. 5 pairs of jeans in size 8 may garner more than selling them each separately.

    Good for: The person already planning a tag sale.

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    We'll See pile
    Make a we'll see pile when delcuttering your closet. BHG

    Tradesy works more like Ebay than Like Twice or ThredUp.  You can sell anything that's in great condition, from Zara to Louis Vuitton. Tradesy will even enhance your image to make it look stunning. Once you make a sale, Tradesy send you a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping kit, complete with their own beautiful packaging. They then deduct a 9% commission from your sale, and you'll receive prompt payment in the form of Tradesy Cash, which appears in your account after you ship. They also...MORE have an extensive wedding dress section.

    Good for: Someone looking to sell some higher-priced fashion and likes to shop.

    Here's how to find Tradesy

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    5 tips for decluttering your clothes
    5 tips for decluttering your clothes. Getty

    This service works just like Tradesy. Snobswap cleans your main image and reviews each listing.  You keep 85% of the sale and SnobSwap ensures 100% secure payment processing. Once your items sell, you can print your shipping label with one click and then withdraw your earnings to your bank account.

    For the best chances of selling your pre-loved item, Snobswap suggests a listing price that is 70% off the purchase price. If it is new with tags, a good start is to list it for 50% of the retail...MORE price.  

    Best for: Serious fashionistas

    Here's how to find Snobswap

    Ready to get rid of some clothes? Here’s how to declutter your closet as quickly and painlessly as possible.