How to Make Paper Mache Base Forms and Molds

Create Forms for Your Paper Mache Projects

Completed Paper Mache Project.
Erin Patrice O'Brien/The Image Bank/Getty Images

One of the nice things about paper mache is you do not need any special supplies! You can use many items found around your house to make molds and forms or armatures for your projects.

You can create forms for easily. Browse through all of these suggestions for items to use. Some can be used as bases for the projects, while others can be used to add specific details.

Balloons - All sizes and shapes are great to use as bases of round designs.

A balloon is also a perfect base for a pinata. Watch this how-to video to learn more about using balloons for paper mache projects.

Cardboard - Corrugated cardboard is great to make bases for projects; and lightweight cardboard, like from cereal boxes, works well for adding smaller details.

Chicken Wire - Use this as a base for large projects. How about making a large dinosaur?!

Masking Tape - This is great for holding all of the base pieces together while you apply the paper mache.

Newspaper - Besides being a key ingredient in holding your creation together, you can use it for creating details. Try rolling it to make an arm or leg, or crumple it up to make a ball.

Shoe Boxes - Cover one of these to create a special treasure box or use one as a base for a bigger project.

Toilet Paper Rolls and Paper Towel Rolls - Great for adding details like arms and legs.

Have I got you thinking yet? There is no need to limit yourself to the items above.

I bet you can find ways to create a work of art using any of these:

  • Aluminum Pie Pans
  • Blown Eggs
  • Bottles or Jars
  • Cardboard Ice Cream Containers
  • Detergent Boxes
  • Egg Cartons
  • Frozen Juice Cans
  • Juice Boxes
  • Oatmeal Containers
  • Paper Cup
  • Plastic Margarine Bowls
  • Soda Pop Bottles
  • Styrofoam Meat Trays
  • Tin Foil

As you can see by this list, you can use almost any item you have laying around your house for paper mache.

Look around your house and start creating!

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