How to Make Any Room Look Bigger on a Tight Budget

home staging make your room look bigger
Use neutral colors and less furniture. iriana88w via Deposit Photos

Are you trying to sell your home but can’t figure out how to make any room look bigger? We all know that buyers like to see lots of spacious rooms, decluttered closets, and uncluttered spaces as they walk through a home for sale. Although, if you are on a tight budget you may not know how to achieve this without hiring a professional home stager.

Try using mirrors to make any room look bigger:

Decorating with mirrors are a great way to reflect light and when placed strategically across from a window or a hallway they give the illusion of a bigger room. Whether you opt for multiple smaller framed mirrors in a gallery style on your walls or you choose a large standing mirror leaned up against a wall or on top of a dresser, mirrors are perfect to make any room look bigger. Try searching for mirrors at thrift stores, garage sales or in clearance areas at your favorite home decor center.

Can curtains make a room look bigger?

Depending on the color, material, and height of hanging your curtains, they may or may not make your room look bigger. In fact removing window coverings and using only a decorative valance at the top of the window frame will let buyers’ eyes gravitate towards the outdoors of your home. If you have a room that doesn’t have a wonderful view consider light sheers to diffuse light and the view. If your ceiling is very high (above 10’-0”) consider hanging light weight curtains in light and airy colors to not take away from the spaciousness of the room. Affordable curtains and window treatments can be ordered at home improvement stores or bought off the shelf at big box stores for a lower price than hiring a window dressing consultant. 

Use lighter paint colors for small rooms:

Paint is the most affordable, versatile and moo-changing decorating element you can use in your staged home. Paint is also the cheapest way to transform a space from dark and cold to bright and welcoming. Consider using lighter paint colors or sticking to the more muted or “gray tones” of the color spectrum of the paint color fan deck. Every color has a lighter or more saturated form and choosing the lighter or muted tones of these colors will help light reflect off of the walls and create the illusion of more space in your small room. It’s easier to make any room look bigger when the room feels brightened and cheery.

In a small bedroom big furniture gobbles up space:

Before you swoon over the California king size bedroom set remember how large your bedroom is and how high the ceiling of your bedroom realistically is. Often times we forget that big furniture requires ample space around it to give the feeling of air and “breathing room”. Try using a queen size bed in a smaller bedroom and less furniture such as a smaller dresser or side chair. Large upholstered furniture and big clunky entertainment centers will make your bedroom feel cramped and unwelcoming. Consider these small space furniture options when staging your home.

Take advantage of the ceiling to draw eyes upward:

The ceiling or the “5th wall” as it coined in decorating terms is the perfect place to add color, texture or a focal point. In your small room consider painting the ceiling a few hues darker than the walls to draw the eyes to the ceiling. Are you a handy do-it-yourselfer? Why not paint designs on the ceiling? Consider painting or stenciling subtle patterns in geometric or scrolling motifs to the ceiling to add a bit of whimsy to the room. If you are good with wood-working inexpensive laminate wood planks can be applied to the ceiling for a rustic charm to your room.

Before you think that you can’t make any room look bigger, think again! From painting with lighter colors and placing mirrors to accentuating your ceiling with a pop of color your smaller rooms can deliver a spacious feel and look. Remember that furniture size and placement in the room is essential. Stand at the entrance of each room and ensure you and the buyer can move around freely but that it looks spacious with plenty of walls and floor area visible and not hidden behind lots of clunky furniture. Staging your home with these tips will make any room look larger!