How to Make a Room Look More Masculine

A room with an old-style, masculine decor
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Is there such a thing as masculine and feminine decor? Some people think not—that every style can be embraced by both sexes depending on their particular tastes. While this is certainly true, particular elements make rooms seem more traditionally masculine, and there are others that make them seem more traditionally feminine. The best rooms are always some combination of both.

If you want to add a little masculine drama to your space, consider using more of the following elements.


Masculine rooms tend to be decorated in earthy neutrals. Think browns, grays, and shades of black such as charcoal. This doesn't mean the room has to be dark (although dark rooms work well with masculine decor); try shades of these colors with pops of brighter colors. Just keep in mind that when brighter colors are used, they're usually in bold tones such as a strong red or dark jewel tones.


Masculine rooms are largely free of frills and tend to be full of sleek and straight lines. That's not to say there isn't room for a few soft edges here and there, but generally speaking masculine silhouettes are clean-lined and geometric. While decorative, curvy elements are fine in small doses, keep them to a minimum in masculine rooms. 


To give a room a stronger sense of masculinity, it's important not to use patterns that are overly decorative or sweet. Stick with classic geometrics such as plaids, herringbone, and stripes. And of course, solids are always safe. While you can incorporate some decorative classics in small doses, try to stay away from florals or any other patterns that seem overly pretty.


Materials are very important in masculine rooms. There are certain ones that, while they can certainly transcend styles and appeal to both sexes, are often associated with masculine interiors. When it comes to materials think about using polished mahogany, concrete, glass, and even steel. 


Textures and the way you use them can really make or break a room. Like with any room, it's really important to use a mix. Combine hard with soft, shiny with matte, and smooth with coarse textures. The combination of textures will add depth to any room. More specifically, when it comes to masculine rooms feel free to use a healthy dose of leather, suede, flannel, and tweed. Don't be afraid to mix them with small amounts of silks and velvets too. 


Masculine furniture is generally (but not always) bigger in scale than feminine furniture. Club chairs, oversized desks, and large sofas are not uncommon in masculine rooms. The most important thing to remember is that every piece must be functional and serve a specific purpose. Furniture is never included just for the sake of filling space.


Bold art in strong colors is often found on the walls of masculine-themed interiors. No matter what style of art you choose, remember that bigger and bolder is better!