How to Make your Staged Bedroom More Inviting to Buyers

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Creating a focal point in your bedroom isn't as hard as you may think. A headboard is a great option to bring color, texture, and even height to the bedroom. Whether you want to use a new or recycled material, choose a color and style that goes with your bedroom. You can use sheer or opaque, single colors or patterns. Just make sure it will appeal to different buyers. Pick a curtain rod in a metal that matches or coordinates with other metals in the room. The size of your bed will determine the number of panels you need.

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    Create a Focal Point

    Create a bedroom that buyers love when they walk in. Getty Images

    Hang a curtain but drape the curtain horizontal to the bed by laying the panel(s) over a ceiling-mounted curtain rod that you hang on the ceiling at the spot over the foot of the bed. This looks really elegant. Even though it's not technically a headboard, it draws that needed attention to the bed. 


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    Make a Decorative Headboard

    A fabric headboard or fabric headboard panels are a great idea for staging or living.
    While this isn't a no-cost option, it can be done inexpensively. You can keep it simple, or go a little more detailed, as here. Find existing ones you love and copy it using your DIY skills. Have a home improvement store cut the wood to size. Copyright 2009 by Posh Surfside

    Try making a headboard! All you need is a piece of wood cut to size, some batting, and a fabric that coordinates with the room’s colors and style. Many major home improvement stores will cut a piece of wood for you at little to no cost. Just bring the dimensions. You can use one whole piece or use a few vertical panels, with the number needed depending on the size of the bed.

    You have the option of having the headboard go all the way to the floor, or just have it hang so the bottom sits just below the top of the mattress. The latter is a bit cheaper, as you'll need less wood, batting, and fabric.

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    Refurbish your Old Headboard

    Repurposed headboard ideas
    Make a headboard out of repurposed materials. Getty Images

    Do you have a headboard that you no longer love? This works best for headboards with fairly straight edges. This is not as difficult as it sounds. However, if you have a curved headboard or one that isn't a simple square or rectangle, this may be too difficult and expensive for staging, unless you can do the project yourself. This is a good idea for kids bedrooms and guest rooms.

    You can buy an eco-friendly paint/stain remover if necessary. Otherwise, you can just sand and paint. You can also use decorative painting techniques to create a wood or leather look.

    Old wooden pallets can be hung behind the bed to create a headboard. The number of pallets needed will depend on the size of the pallets and of course the size of the bed.

    You can find these very inexpensively at garage sales and sometimes you'll even find them for free at salvage yards. Friends and family may have some sitting in their garage or basement, just eating up space, and would love to get rid of them. Then, either hang them as they are or refinish with paint or stain.

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    Where to Find DIY Project Materials

    Bedroom furniture
    Choose guest bedroom furniture with neutral colors. Getty Images

    Don't know where to find wood, fabric, and other materials for your project? Many people have scraps of wood just sitting around their garages, leftovers from projects. You may also be able to get a good deal at the scrap bins at home improvement stores or lumber yards. As for fabrics, you can use just about anything. Department stores sell inexpensive panels. You can also use flat sheets, blankets, slipcover fabrics, or just about any other fabric you have or can buy inexpensively. Fabric stores often sell remnants for low prices and sometimes offer them for free. Shop garage sales and yard sales for these items as well.

    Remember to keep the colors, fabrics, and patterns fairly neutral. If you're looking for decor tips on how color can impact the look of your bedroom take a look at this article. You can use these ideas when you decorate your staged home and use whatever fabrics you like. But for staging, keep it simple.

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