How to Make Textured Vases

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    Textured Vases

    west elm textured vases
    Linework Vases from West Elm. West Elm

    Textured vases have been a hot trend for awhile now, and it's easy to see why.  Sometimes the vessels themselves are so pretty that they outshine what's in them!  Certainly, they have obvious uses, but textural vases these days are so sculptural that they can be displayed on their own--without flowers or fillers--in built-in bookcases, on coffee tables, night stands, entry tables, and fireplace mantels.  

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    Trends in Textured Vases

    textured vases
    Textured Vases. Home Made Modern

    The freshest look in textured ceramics include chunky textures begging to be touched like cable knit and basket weave patterns.  Curvy mid-century modern designs and geometric patterns like herringbone and honeycomb are also on-trend.

    Here are some examples of textured vases available from online retailers.  If you find yourself inspired, re-create these patterns yourself using just a few simple supplies and the technique described below!  Or, invest in a few pretty pieces from these retailers...MORE since this is a trend sure to stay in style for awhile.

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    Make Your Own Textured Vase: What You Need

    paint supplies for textured vases
    Paint Supplies for Textured Vases. Home Made Modern

    It's so easy to create your own textured vases.  

    First, go in search of some inexpensive, smooth glass vases to transform.  Look in your own cupboards, at the dollar store, or at thrift stores.  Think about how you want your finished project to look and let that vision guide what shapes you choose.  If you're going for a mid-century modern vibe, choose glassware with curves.  Want a more contemporary feel?  Try straight-sided pieces.  Look for one large statement piece, or if you want to...MORE create a grouping, look for three or five vases with similar silhouettes.  After you've found a few glass pieces, gather the rest of your supplies.  

    You will need:

    • Dimensional craft paint with a narrow applicator tip (Note: I had some black dimensional fabric paint that worked just fine.  While I wouldn't paint glass with this product normally, it worked great in this case because when I made a mistake, I could wait for it to dry and just peel it off.  Be aware that whatever color you choose will show on the inside of the vase.  If this is a concern, choose a dimensional paint in a similar color to your finished project.)
    • Paper towels
    • Cotton swabs
    • Spray paint in the color of your choice in a gloss finish
    • Newspaper or drop cloth
    • Shallow dish filled with rice (optional)

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    How to Apply Texture to a Plain Glass Vase

    create texture on glass vase
    Apply Pattern to Glass Vase. Home Made Modern

    Make sure the vase is clean before beginning.

    To stabilize your project, you could choose to nestle it in a shallow dish filled with dry rice or beans, but this step is optional.  Experiment to see how you feel most comfortable.

    Once you've settled on a pattern (keep it simple!) begin drawing it on the vase with the dimensional paint.  I chose a honeycomb pattern, which is basically hexagons.  This process does require a slightly steady hand; but, don't be too worried if it's not...MORE perfect.  As long as your shapes are somewhat uniform and straight, you'll be happy with the result. If you make a mistake you can't live with, wipe it off immediately with a paper towel or a cotton swab. 

    Allow the dimensional paint to dry completely per the bottle's instructions.

    Next, place your vase on a drop cloth and spray paint it with two light coats of gloss paint in the color of your choice.  (Follow these spray painting pointers for a flawless finish.)  If you're creating a group of vases, try painting them in slightly different shades of the same color.

    Allow your vase to dry completely, preferably overnight, before using it.

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    Display Your DIY Textured Vase

    diy honeycomb vases
    DIY Honeycomb Vases. Home Made Modern

    Fill your newly-created textured vase or vases with fresh flowers, leafy branches, or flowering boughs for the dining room table or coffee table, or simply use them as pretty sculptural elements in a bookcase.  A grouping of them would make a big impact on a fireplace mantel, too.  

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    More Ways to Dress Up Dollar Store Vases

    Cylinder Vases Ideas
    Ways to Decorate a Plain Glass Vase. Home Made Modern

    For more easy ways to transform vases from the dollar store or thrift store, visit Home Made Modern