How to Make Time to Enjoy Your Office Holiday Party

Feel Ready to Party with Your Co-Workers with These Tips!

How to Make Time for the Office Holiday party
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Do you find that your office holiday party is one more thing you need to do?  It does take time, energy and extra work to attend.  But this party is a time to connect with people you spend over 40 hours a week with.  Wish this second family of yours a happy holiday season is kinda of important. 

So if you want to make time to really enjoy your office holiday party follow these steps.  You’ll feel less anxious about the party when you know the kids and you are ready!

Decide If You’ll Bring Your Spouse

How important is it to you that your spouse comes to the office holiday party? Your co-workers may want to see your spouse but this is your choice to make. Also some office holiday parties do not allow for a plus one, so make sure to ask before inviting your partner.  

If your spouse doesn’t come he’ll be home to watch the kids.  You won’t have to do much work for the kids or clean the house for a sitter.  You still may need to make dinner but that can be negotiated.

If your spouse does come you need to find a sitter, prepare dinner ahead of time, clean the house up a bit, but you'll have part of your support system with you for the night.  So make a choice and then commit to it.

Find a Dependable Sitter

Find a sitter within days of you finding out when your office holiday party is.  If your parents or in-laws are close by asking them to watch the kids.  They may like to take the day off from work or take a long weekend to recuperate from watching the kids. Or they may want to go out and buy the kids some presents to play with.  Giving them advance notice is a good thing, especially during the holiday season.

If you need to find a sitter ask your child care provider if they are available.  If not, start looking for recommendations from them or from friends.  This is not an ideal time to try a sitter out that doesn't come recommended by anyone you know.  You want to feel comfortable with whoever you leave your leave your children with on this important night.

Plan Dinner for the Kids Ahead of Time

If you can’t swing pizza and salad then setup your crock pot.  If that’s too much work prepare your easy go-to meal that the sitter or your spouse can cook.  Be sure to buy the ingredients the weekend before so you aren’t at the supermarket the night before your party. If you are getting pizza call the day before and set up a time for the delivery so that’s one more thing checked off your list.

Get Yourself Ready for the Party

Most likely you’ll work the day of the party, which will use up a good amount of your personal energy.  If you can, get to bed early the night before to help if the kids wake you during the night.  Eat a good breakfast in the morning and drink more water than you normally would.  This will fuel your body with more energy to help you enjoy your evening.

Find an Outfit You’ll Feel Special In

Go through your closet or a friends closet for something festive.  If you come up empty-handed find a good Cyber Monday deal or holiday sale on something sparkly.  All you need is a bit of shine like a shirt or sweater that you can wear over a dress you’d normally wear to work.

Give Yourself a Curfew

Find out the agenda for the party.  You want to make the cocktail hour and dinner for sure.  But will there be a gift exchange after or before? If so, include that in the weekend shopping for the kid’s dinner.  Will there be anything special after dinner that you would want to be a part of?  After you know the agenda set a time that you’d like to leave the office holiday party.  You don’t need to be a party animal to socialize and connect with your co-workers, especially at a work party.

If you have a curfew you’ll feel confident when you start saying your goodbyes.  You’ll already have your mind made up ahead of time so that no one will be able to convince you otherwise.  Plus you want to let your spouse or sitter know when to expect you home. 

It’s easy for the office holiday party to cause stress.  It’s a big business type of event right before the holidays!.  But if you follow these tips you’ll be sure to feel a bit more relaxed and ready to wish your co-workers happy holidays and a happy new year!