Transportation Balloons That You Can Learn to Make

Generally not as popular as the animals made from balloons, the transportation-based balloons can be popular. If you’re working an event, you may be requested to make a car, plane or train. And once you make such a balloon and it gets around the event, be prepared to make a lot more of them.

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    Transportation Balloons: Thoughts and Introduction

    How to Make Car, Plane & Train Balloons.

    It’s important that you understand whether a kid is requesting a generic car, plane, or train, or one of the trademarked characters: Lightning McQueen, Thomas the Tank Engine and such. With the popularity of these franchises, it’s not unusual for a kid to request a “car” and be disappointed if you offer them a generic vehicle balloon. With a little ingenuity, you can easy draw on “eyes” or add a segment of a white balloon to create the foundation for eyes. You will get better at improvising with...MORE experience, practice and experimenting.

    You'll find the two different helicopter balloons to be popular. Both work great at events and parties when you attach them to other balloons so the kids can make them "fly" around. The motorcycle balloon is also a party favorite, but be warned that this one is rather complicated and kids can easily mangle them. You can add pinch twists to make the balloons more secure and more able to keep their shape, but this one is not a good choice for really young kids. 

    Two of our transportation balloons are somewhat fictional ones. They’re the jet backpack and helicopter balloons that kids can wear. Alright, I’m pretty sure that a rocket pack does actually exist and a helicopter backpack could theoretically fly. These are fairly complex and time consuming balloons to make. And be warned, these require special balloons that you’ll have to purchase separately.

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    Here's a fun race car that's made from balloons. The balloon sculpture actually stands on its own and has its own handle that kids can grab and "race around."

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    This one requires two balloons and you can make it, depending on the proportions, into a conventional motorcycle, or something that represents an edgy and more stylish bike. Proportions are everything. The wheels on this one can be somewhat tricky. Once you learn how to make these balloon wheels, you’ll find them useful for adding detail to other transportation balloons.  

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    Learn to make this great airplane balloon and you'll have a hit at parties and events. Kids love to "fly" these planes around - they're almost as fun as balloon swords. If you like, you can even add eyes - we'll show you how - to add personality and character. Just follow our step-by-step instructions.

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    Here’s a second helicopter that’s made from balloons. It offers a different take on the rotor from the first version. You’re free to select and learn the balloon helicopter that you like the best. I’ll say one thing, this one is slightly faster to make as the rotor takes less time. Like the other helicopter balloon, you can mount this on another balloon so it’s a helicopter on a stick that the kids can run around with and make it fly.

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    Here's a great car balloon that you can learn to make that the kids will love. This one stand on its own four wheels and kids can "race" it around. Unlike the race car that features a sporty look, this one is strictly suburban - it represents a staid family automobile.

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    Here's an airplane that's made from balloons that evokes an old-style bi-plane. It's easy add eyes so you can add personality, or you can leave it "as is" to resemble a normal plane. As with the "flying" balloons, you can attach another balloon so kids can make this one "fly."

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    Jet Pack Balloon.

    While this one technically exists, I’m sure most of us don’t know anyone who owns one or has flown one. But it definitely captures the imagination. Kids will happily strap these to their back and start to pretend to fly around. Keep in mind that this one requires special 360 balloons that you’ll have to purchase separately. This one is also rather time consuming to make.

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    Here’s a helicopter made from balloons. You can mount this one on a balloon and kids will have flying it around.

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    This one is a variation on the rocket backpack. You’re simply adding a rotor to turn it into a personal helicopter. While this balloon depiction may not actually exist in real life, kids need no explanation as to what this is and will happily strap one on and begin to “soar.”