Make Your Best Home in 30 Days

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We want to help you make your best home one simple step at a time, because a happier home doesn’t always require a major renovation. Sometimes all it takes is a delicious meal or creative project to make those four walls feel like so much more. Follow along with our 30-day challenge to give your home the makeover it needs—big or small!

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    Day 1: Make Breakfast at Home

    Nutritious breakfast
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    We know weekday mornings are crazy, but a good, go-to make-ahead breakfast recipe makes it possible to have a homemade breakfast on even the busiest days. Try this comforting slow-cooker oatmeal or one of these easy freezer-ready recipes. And when the weekend rolls around, treat yourself to something truly scrumptious, like this Strawberry Nutella Cream Cheese Croissant French Toast or keep things simple and whip up the best pancakes you've ever made

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    Day 2: Organize Your Junk Drawer

    Organize your drawer
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    Decluttering your entire house is a daunting task. But one drawer? Totally doable. Follow these five steps to get a messy drawer under control in 30 minutes or less. And when you're done, try one of these quick organizing projects to get the rest of your house clutter-free 10 minutes at a time!

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    Day 3: Create a Welcoming Entrance

    Entryway Decor
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    Decluttering could be all it takes to make a better entrance for you and your guests, but if you're in the mood for a full makeover, these seven essentials for a stylish and functional entry will do just the trick. And if your home doesn't have a formal entryway, don't worry—you can totally fake one.

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    Day 4: Save Some Cash

    Money jar
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    When it comes to saving money, small changes can make a big difference. Save some of your hard-earned cash today by buying one of these household items used instead of new, practice these easy tricks to spend less at the grocery store, or cut back on housekeeping costs with one of our 25 money-saving tips. Wherever you can cut back, find one small way you can save today and stick to it!

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    Day 5: Make a Healthy Snack

    sriracha chick peas
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    Replace your favorite junk food with something a little healthier today. Try these Sriracha Spiced Chickpeas as an alternative to potato chips or popcorn, or replace high-calorie dip with homemade hummus

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    Day 6: Clean Out Your Closet

    Clothes in hangers
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    It's probably time to clean out at least one closet in your home, but don't worry—it doesn't have to take all day. Try these tips to clean out your bedroom closet in 30 minutes or less. And if you don't have a closet? We've got a lot of ideas for storing clothes without one.

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    Day 7: Try Sustainable DIYs

    diy reusable food wrap
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    Reducing waste in your home can be as simple as starting with one or two plastic-free DIY replacements. Try this reusable food wrap DIY or make your own soap to make one or two swaps today for eco-friendly alternatives.

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    Day 8: Pack Your Lunch

    Jar salad
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    Save some money and some calories and start packing your lunch today. If you already paperbag it at work, upgrade your usual lunch with these out-of-this-world sandwiches or opt for ultimate portability with a mason jar salad. And if you know a picky eater—or you are one yourself!—these recipes are guaranteed to please anyone.

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    Day 9: Make Room for Creativity

    Room design
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    Your best home is a place you can flex your creative muscles, so make some room for your creative endeavors today. Either set up a crafting space, or a budget-friendly and chic home office. And if you're pressed for space, create a workspace by hacking your furniture to work double duty.

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    Day 10: Give a Handmade Gift

    Bread Gift
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    Giving a gift should be more about the person than the purchase. Show a friend or family member some love today—and save a few dollars—with a creative DIY gift. These 100 ideas are sure to get you started for everyone in your circle!

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    Day 11: Flex Your Green Thumb

    Windowsill garden
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    It's almost gardening season, but you don't even need a garden to get your dose of greenery. These plants are great for apartments or small homes, and a windowsill herb garden is a major kitchen upgrade for minor effort. What if you have a large yard to work with? Here's how to get ready for springtime yard work.

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    Day 12: Make the Most of Your Space

    studio apartment layout
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    Whether you live in a studio apartment or own your own home, we could all use some more space. Try to take a few cues from tiny homes to find more storage where you need it most, or create the illusion of more space with these decorating tricks. It's ok to start small, just find some extra room today.

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    Day 13: Share an Evening With Friends

    Dinner party preparation
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    It's a cliché, but it's true that friends and family are what make a house a home. Make some time to invite your loved ones into your home today by hosting a dinner party, or something a little more relaxed. The food and decor are a lot of fun, but it's the connection that matters most.

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    Day 14: Tackle the Laundry

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    Most of us spend Sunday doing laundry for the week ahead, but it doesn't have to be a drag. These adorable laundry room DIYs will make your laundry room more pleasant to spend time in, and these laundry hacks will make for fewer frustrations and ruined clothes. Find one way to make your laundry pile more manageable today.

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    Day 15: Upgrade Your Bathroom

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    Make your bathroom feel more like a home spa with these easy upgrades, or just make your the space work better by getting organized. Your bathroom doesn't have to be perfectly on trend to be a welcoming escape, but it certainly doesn't hurt to add some greenery or focus on good feng shui. However you want to upgrade the space, take one step towards a better bathroom today.

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    Day 16: Treat Yourself to Dessert

    Chocolate raspberry dessert
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    It's time to treat yourself today, so indulge in a delicious dessert like this deadly dark chocolate tart or one of these 10 classic American pie recipes. Sure, you could try a healthier treat like a fruit smoothie, but today is your day, so why not go all out?

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    Day 17: Get Your Chores Done Faster

    Quick cleaning
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    Why would anyone want to spend more time working on their home than they absolutely have to? Cut back on your chore time today with one of these essential hacks for quicker cleaning and easier cooking.

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    Day 18: Make Over Your Bedroom

    Bead and reading lamp
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    Your bedroom can have a surprising impact on your health and your life, so give yours a little makeover today. Start by doing something simple like making your bed, and if that doesn't do the trick, try using the things you already have to give your bedroom a whole new look

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    Day 19: Make a Dish to Share

    Dish Casserole
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    Food is meant to share, so show off your cooking skills by whipping up a dish to pass—like this to-die-for Brussels sprouts gratin—for a party this weekend, or cook up one of these family-friendly recipes to share at home.

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    Day 20: Refresh Your Living Room

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    It doesn't take a full-blown redecorating project—or even a trip to the store—to give your living room a facelift. Try rearranging your furniture, adding a splash of color, or pulling artwork together on a gallery wall. And if you're still itching for a bigger change, get some inspiration from these beautiful living rooms.

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    Day 21: Add a Personal Touch

    diy place mats
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    Your home should reflect you, so why not add a personal touch with handmade decor? One of these weekend DIY decor projects will add some personality to a room, and if you're a more experienced DIYer, you can try one of these stylish IKEA hacks to build their own personalized furniture.

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    Day 22: Dress Up Your Walls and Floors

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    Whether you own your home or you're living in a rental, who wants to live with ugly floors or bare walls? Give your walls an easy upgrade with one of these affordable accent walls, or try one of these ideas to add some style without even picking up a paintbrush. And if it's your floors that you can't look at anymore? We've got some quick fixes for those too.

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    Day 23: Spruce Up Your Kitchen

    Organized kitchen
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    It's one of the busiest—and sometimes messiest—rooms in your home, so give your kitchen a little spruce up by organizing your pantry, decluttering your countertops, or cleaning out your refrigerator today.

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    Day 24: Make Your Home a Little Healthier

    Apples and flowers
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    Your home can have a huge impact on your well-being, whether it's allergens giving you the sniffles or something else that's making you feel a bit off. Make your home healthier today by following these tips for a healthier living room or trying out some basic feng shui.

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    Day 25: Bond With a Furry Friend

    Brown Puppy
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    Pets are part of the family and a big part of what makes a house—or apartment—a home, so spend some quality time with your fur baby today. Start getting to know all the strange ways that cats show love, or maybe stop doing these things that really annoy your dog. And if you don't have a pet, today is a good day to offer to walk a friend's dog or pet sit for a friend going on vacation.

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    Day 26: Make Something Old New Again
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    Decorating a house, or even just a room, from scratch can be costly, so try to make use of something you already own today. Refurbish a dresser instead of putting it out on the curb, or try some clever DIY tricks to transform found objects or dollar store deals into something special. Your challenge today is to find new beauty in something you've been taking for granted.

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    Day 27: Go Green

    Basket of groceries
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    Going green is a classic win-win; it's good for the wallet and the environment. Try cutting back on your home energy use or install water-saving devices in your kitchen and bathroom. Or even simpler: try using common pantry items as household cleaners rather than harsh chemicals. Find at least one small change you can make in your routine today to make your home a little more earth-friendly.

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    Day 28: Make That One Repair You’ve Been Putting Off

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    We all have one (or two, or three) home repairs that keep getting stuck on our to-do lists. Today is the day to finally tackle at least one of those tasks that just won't go away. That could mean dealing with a sticking door, replacing an old outlet or just getting the right tools for your toolbox so you're prepared the next time your faucet starts leaking or a drain gets clogged.

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    Day 29: Start Planning a Major Upgrade

    Change of windows
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    If there's one room or feature in your home that drives you absolutely crazy, you're not alone. Take some time today to plan one major upgrade you'd love to make. Maybe it's new tile in the bathroom or a new kitchen countertop. Whatever the change you have in mind, get starting by looking for inspiration and budgeting for the cost​.

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    Day 30: Enjoy Your Home

    Furniture in white living room
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    That's it, you're done. It's time to sit back and appreciate your home, flaws and all. Enjoy a meal with your family (even if you're just reheating leftovers) and don't worry about keeping things spotless, you can always just fake a clean house. Whatever you do today, take some time to enjoy what you love most about your home and let go of the pressure to aim for perfection. The perfect home is the one where you can relax and recharge with the people you love.