How to Make a Feng Shui Salt Water Cure

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Did you know that salt is a crystal? Salt has the ability to absorb and transmute negative energies. It's used in different feng shui applications such as space clearings and the traditional salt water cure. You can even bathe in salt water to purify and rejuvenate your energy.

The feng shui salt water cure is a feng shui remedy practiced in Classical Feng Shui. This is a cure that is used to balance the challenging annual energies of the two and five stars, which move to visit different sectors year to year. It’s recommended to work with a flying star feng shui practitioner to locate these annual stars in your home each year. For this step-by-step guide, we consulted our friend Joseph Eriq who works with the flying stars in his feng shui practice.

feng shui salt water cure
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What you need:

  • Six coins. We recommend real coins, for example copper U.S. pennies from 1982 or prior. We do not recommend the inexpensive Chinese coin reproductions. 
  • A non-metal container. We recommend a glass bowl or jar.
  • Salt. We recommend sea salt because it symbolizes large bodies of water like the ocean.
  • Fresh water

Location considerations:

First, you need to locate the areas in your home for the current (or upcoming) year that correspond with the afflicted stars 2 and 5.

After you find the sectors in your home, then find a safe place for your salt water cure. Find a place that the container will not be easily disturbed or knocked over. It’s also possible to conceal it behind something or within another opaque container such as a vase. 

Keep in mind, the salt water cure should be exposed to the air and not covered. Please do not place the container within a cabinet or cupboard.

Eventually, the salt will expand out of the container and likely damage anything underneath. We recommend you place something underneath it for protection like a stand, placemat or other container.

Finally, the container should be fairly accessible so you can easily refill it as the water evaporates.

chinese coins for the feng shui salt water cure
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  1. Add a layer of sea salt to the bottom of your non-metal container. You can have it fill up around 1/4 of the container. 
  2. Place your coins one by one, heads up (or yang side up), on top of the salt. If you do find real Chinese coins, this would be the side with the four Chinese characters.
  3. Fill up the container to the top with fresh water.
  4. Leave it there all year, refill the water as needed.

The salt absorbs the negative energy of the annual stars for the entire year. Be sure to check in on the salt water cure periodically to refill the water as required.

At the end of the year (Chinese New Year) be sure to dispose of the salt water cure properly. It has absorbed negative energies on your behalf, so when the year ends, it’s time to let it go. Then you offer your home new salt water cures for the new annual flying star locations.

feng shui salt water cure