Make Your Own 3-D Glasses

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    Design Your Own 3-D Glasses

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    Use this printable template and these directions to design and make your own 3-d glasses. While the directions I provide are for basic, plain 3-d glasses, use your creativity to make them your own. Embellish them to your heart's content or even make them out of craft foam!

    • Age Guideline: 5 Years and Up
    • Time Required: 30 minutes (Does not include drying time)

    The above age and time guidelines are estimates. This project can be modified to suit other ages and may take more or less time depending...MORE on your circumstances.

    Let's begin.

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    GathGathering The Supplies to Make Your Own 3-D Glasses

    Gathering The Supplies to Make Your Own 3-D Glasses

    Before you start any project it is easiest to gather together all of the supplies. For this project you will need:

    Materials Needed:

    • Cardstock
    • Clear Plastic (* see suggestions below)
    • Red Marker
    • Cyan Marker
    • Cellophane Tape
    • Scissors

    * For my 3-d glasses, I used a baggie but you can also use cellophane! I would recommend using something a little thicker if you have it, such as a transparency sheet or even a piece of flat plastic cut from packaging. You can also buy red and blue Mylar or acetate sheets...MORE available at most art supply stores.

    Now you need the template for the glasses.

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    3-D Glasses Template

    3-D Glasses Template

    You can download this printable template as either a JPEG file or a PDF file. Choose the desired link below:

    • JPEG File
    • PDF File

    Print out the template at the actual size (100%) on cardstock. I used plain, white cardstock but you can use colored or patterned cardstock. If you are going to make your 3-d glasses using craft foam, you can print out this template on plain computer paper.

    Now we can start.

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    Cut out Your 3-D Glasses

    Cut out Your 3-D Glasses

    Cut out the pieces for your 3-d glasses. Save one of the eye hole pieces you cut out to use as a template for cutting out your plastic.

    If you are making your 3-d glasses out of craft foam, trace your templates onto the craft foam and cut them out. Divide the main glasses section into two pieces by cutting them on the dotted line. You will want to trace and cut out both glass sections.

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    Color Your Plastic

    Color Your Plastic

    As I said before, I used a baggie to make my 3-d glasses. You can use anything clear you have on hand. Try using cellophane, transparency sheets, flat plastic cut from packaging, or you can buy red and blue Mylar or acetate sheets.

    Use red and blue permanent markers to color a red and a blue area on your plastic. Let your plastic sit undisturbed until the marker dries. You may need to test your markers and plastic before you commit to it.

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    Cut Your Plastic Lenses

    Cut Your Plastic Lenses

    Use one of the eye hole pieces you saved from step 4 as a template to cut out your red and blue eyepieces.

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    Tape the Lenses to the Glasses

    Tape the Lenses to the Glasses

    Tape the red and blue lenses onto the back of the glasses. Make sure the red piece is covering the left eye hole and the blue piece is covering the right eye hole.

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    Attach the Ear Pieces to the 3-D Glasses

    Attach the Ear Pieces

    Use tape to attach the ear pieces to the side of the glasses. When I designed the printable template I made the earpieces extra long so you can trim them down to the right size, do this before you tape them in place on your glasses.

    If you are making craft foam 3-d glasses, use glue to attach the ear pieces using glue.

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    Fold Your Glasses

    Fold Your Glasses

    Now you can fold down the other side of your glasses to enclose the plastic lenses and earpiece ends inside. Tape it closed.

    If you are making craft foam 3-d glasses, glue the second eye section on the back of the first using glue.

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    Finishing Your Glasses

    Finishing Your Glasses

    If you just want a plain pair of 3-d glasses, like the pair pictured in the top of this picture, you are done now. If you want to personalize your glasses, dig through your craft cupboard and find whatever catches your fancy. I decorated the middle pair of glasses in this photo using glitter and feathers and the bottom pair was made using craft foam.

    Experiment, use your imagination, and have fun!