Learn to Make Your Own DIY Magic Set

Sure, you can purchase a beginner's magic set from a variety of sources, but why not make your own? If you'd like to consider this option for yourself or make one for an enthusiastic kid that you know, this article will provide you with everything that you need to know to make your own DIY magic set.

To start, why make your own? Commercial magic sets for beginners, unless you purchase a high-end set (and they do exist), tend to feature inexpensive plastic and cardboard props that often...MORE break and wear out, and get lost. By being more selective with the tricks that you compile in your own DIY Magic Set, you can populate your kit with tricks that you actually want to perform. And since you're making your own props, you can make them higher quality than what you would receive in a cheap magic set.

While it may sound tempting to purchase a beginner's magic set that promises to teach you, say, "100 tricks," the marketing text on the packaging is rarely true. These kits typically give you props to perform a certain number of tricks, and the rest - usually the majority of the promised tricks - are merely described with barely adequate written instructions, often with no illustrations. Do these companies really expect you to somehow recreate the trick?

By making your own set, you can choose the tricks here that you like and organize them in your own case. While the cheap plastic props found in inexpensive magic sets are often lost and broken, when you make your own, you can end up with a real magic kit that you can actually use to perform magic for friends and family. If you're making your own with the kids, you'll find that this effort is a fun one with lots of crafts and DIY projects.

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    The Case for Your DIY Magic Set

    DIY Magic Set.

    As you put together your magic kit, you'll have to come up with your own case. You won't have to spend a lot of money or any at all. You may have an old suitcase or briefcase that can act as a magic case.

    You can look for and consider inexpensive plastic cases (with handles) for power tools, or satchels for laptop computers or cameras. And don't forget that you can use old CD storage cases - the kind that store hundreds of discs. Just look around your house or a thrift store and...MORE you're bound to find something. And you can always purchase something new at your local office supply store.

    A camera bag works particularly well because of its many compartments and pockets to carry lenses and camera components. These work particularly well for organizing small magic props. (Keep in mind that spectators don't actually see my close-up "camera bag." I take out my props and have them on me when I'm performing.)

    So you don't have a jumble of props inside of a case, you'll want to organize them, usually by trick. I use clear, zippered bags to hold all of the relevant props for a particular trick. This way, the parts don't get mixed up. When you're ready to perform, take some time before the show to take out your props and organize them. And after your performance put all of the parts away in their bags and you'll be ready to go the next time.

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    Here's a great start to your magic kit, it's a box that you can make to produce ribbons or a small handkerchief. It's a fun construction project and the trick is perfect for kids as it's easy to learn and perform. I also like the way that this trick can work in a stand-up magic show, the kind that kids might perform at family gatherings after dinner.


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    Here's a trick that kids will love. A playing card mysteriously flies from one hand to the other. Another plus, it's a DIY project to make. Have fun this one. 

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    Here's a great way to grab the attention of your audience. You grab a playing card and make it float in the air. And you can carry around your necessary props (once you've made them) in your magic case so the effect is always ready. We teach three methods to float a playing card.


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    How to Vanish a Coin Under a Glass - Easy Magic Trick.

    Here's a great vanishing coin trick that is also a DIY craft project. You can get as fancy with the props as you wish and the trick is easy to learn and perform. It's perfect for beginners and kids.


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    Another great addition to your DIY magic set, here's a trick that's as much a craft project as it is a magic trick. You show an empty tube and then magically produce items such as ribbons or handkerchiefs. You can use this one in conjunction with the DIY Magic Box to first produce a handkerchief and then make it disappear.


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    Make this special, gimmicked card and you can perform the "jumping dot" or "card with four sides." You can pull this one out of your magic case and it's ready to go, once you know the secret.


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    Easy Magic Trick: The Pass Through Corks.

    While this is technically an impromptu effect - all you need are two wine corks - it's a great effect to have ready when you want to perform it. In this trick, you cause two wine corks to apparently pass through each other.


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    A length of rope will allow you to perform the "Threading a Needle" Rope Trick. A great addition to your magic kit.


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    Is there anything more versatile for magic than a deck of cards. This is a logical addition to your magic kit. And you can choose and learn the easy magic tricks from our collections that you like best.