Make Your Own Backyard Olympic Games

Homemade Game and Carnival Crafts

Girl (9-11) climbing obstacle in adventure playground
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Learn how to make fun events for your family to do or invite the whole neighborhood to participate. The best part is, you don't have to be a world-class athlete to participate in these Olympic games.

Use these suggestions to get started. Think up your own ideas and make sure you share them with everyone here!

Olympic Essentials To Make

  • Olympic Medal
  • Olympic Pins (or these)
  • Olympic Torch
  • Olympic Tags
  • Olympic Rings

    Olympic Game Suggestions

    • Make an Olympic Torch. Have teams with at least 2 runners on each team (preferably 4 runners), and have a relay race by passing the torch.
    • Set up an obstacle course in your backyard using lawn furniture, old tires, and anything else you can find that people have to go around, climb under or over, and go through.
    • Make some Water Weights and have a weight lifting competition.
    • Play volleyball, but instead of trying to hit the ball back and forth, each team must catch the ball with a blanket and throw it back the same way!
    • Set up six 2-liter soda pop bottles (put a few inches of water in the bottom of each bottle) like bowling pins, and see who can knock the most down by kicking a soccer ball.
    • Make your own Bean Bags and have a throwing competition. Use boxes, cans, paper bags, etc to make targets.
    • Make this Bubble Mixture and see who can blow the biggest bubble. You can also set out a bucket, blow a bubble, and try to get the bubble into the bucket by blowing on it.
    • Make some sidewalk chalk, and use it to make a hopscotch box. Have a competition.
    • Try this peanut toss game. Who can get the most peanuts in?
    • Try a Tug-O-War! For added fun, place the center of the rope over a small, inflatable swimming pool. The person who touches the water in the pool first loses the game.
    • Have a person spin around with their head on a bat and then try to walk in a straight line made on the ground. For a twist, make them carry a glass of water!
    • Put an egg on a spoon and walk across an area; make an obstacle course if you like. If you don't want to use an egg, try a marshmallow.
    • Have a discus and/or javelin throwing contest using paper plates and drinking straws.
    • Make tennis rackets and set up a tennis competition.

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