Make Your Own Soil Block Maker

Seedlings growing in soil blocks. Akchamczuk/Getty Images 

Want to form your own sets of blocks for your organic garden? A soil block maker can help.

Soil block makers are used to form sets of blocks that serve as a container and medium for starting and growing seedlings. It lets you skip having to pay for, store, and waste plastic pots. When seedlings start in the block, they are more robust and can be transplanted into the ground with as little shock as possible. They often come in a variety of sizes and designs.

Block makers can be quite pricey and you can easily end up paying upwards of a hundred bucks to own one

Making Your Own Soil Block Maker

Is it possible to make your own soil block maker and save a few bucks? It's quite possible. Here are some ideas from clever folks who came up with their own designs:

  • has a tutorial on making your own soil block maker from plumbing pipes, which can save you money.
  • Cornelia over at has written a great post about making soil block makers of varying sizes from items from around the house, including ice cube trays and plastic food containers.
  • There is a weekly Twitter chat called #SeedChat. It takes place every Wednesday, and there has been a chat about using soil blocks.