Make-Your-Own Taco Party

a overview of a taco party

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Hosting a party doesn't have to use up your monthly budget. You can have fun while entertaining friends, as long as you remember that the point of entertaining is to enjoy yourself and entertain your friends!

Everyone enjoys some kind of taco (or a variation on a taco). The key to making your party fun is to allow your guests to assemble their own tacos to their exact liking. Provide a few different filling options, several types of wrappers, and lay out all the possible toppings a taco lover could want. Once your taco bar is complete, invite your guests to make their own tacos.

Taco Party Decorating Ideas

Depending on what you have around your home, use any of these idea to give your table the ambiance of a Mexican fiesta. If you have a Mexican style blanket, use that as your table or floor covering. Assorted linens in red, white, and green will lend the colors of the Mexican flag to your table. Another option is using bright pinks, blues, yellows, greens, and crisp whites for a bit of a more natural fiesta feel. A taco party is a perfect time to incorporate your love of bold and bright colors into a table setting.

Make sure you have enough plates for all your guests. You could even tie white napkins with green and red raffia. If you have them, add wicker, rattan, and woven objects everywhere! Help your guests find their inner taco party goddess with this fun outdoor decor. Additionally, woven baskets are perfect to hold outdoor blankets for seating and to use as planters to give your outdoor oasis more of a tropical vibe.

If you are hosting indoors, fill a bowl with colorful bell peppers for your centerpiece (use them in your cooking later in the week). Or if you have a Mexican sombrero, use that as your centerpiece instead. Place jalapeno peppers and limes around the brim. Tropical palm leaves and greenery can add to the fiesta feel of the day scattered throughout tables or laid across napkins as part of the table setting.

Taco Party Menu

Decide on the menu to fit your crowd. Some things like chips and salsa are almost essentials for any taco party.

  • Tortilla Chips: If you are ambitious, make fresh, hot homemade tortilla chips on request. They are easy to make and taste way better than store bought. If that's too hard or doesn't work for your space, buy a few bags of your favorite tortilla chips.
  • Chicken Tacos: Just make the filling in this recipe and allow guests to pick from the wrappers and toppings.
  • Beef Tacos: A perennial favorite that adds some variety to your tacos.
  • Black Beans and Rice: A delicious, easy, and satisfying side dish that also works well as a filling for any vegetarian guests.
  • Wrappers: Buy a variety of taco wrappers, including flour tortillas, corn tortillas, and hard shell tacos. Make sure to follow instructions for keeping them warm and pliable.
  • 5-Minute Salsa: This homemade salsa tastes fresher than jarred salsa, but you can make it year round since it uses canned tomatoes.
  • Basic Guacamole: Remember to use a ripe avocado to make this crowd favorite.
  • Toppings: You'll probably want to add small bowls of grated cheddar cheese, sour cream, minced cilantro, shredded iceberg lettuce, minced red onion, and any other favorite taco topping
  • Vanilla Ice Cream and Mexican Chocolate Sauce: This is an easy and delicious dessert that is sure to please your crowd.

Enjoy your taco party! In the rare case that you have leftovers, you can send some home with your guests or pack them up for yourself. Tacos are still great the next day or use the leftovers to create something new, like a taco salad.