Make Your Own Visors

Personalize Craft Foam Visors for Everyone

You will be amazed at what you can do with some simple craft foam visors and a few common craft supplies. You can make everything from an adorable bumble bee visor to a visor you can wear to your favorite sporting events.

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    This adorable bumble bee visor is easy to make using a yellow craft foam visor, some scraps of black and gray craft foam, and some wiggle eyes.
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    Bunny Visor

    Learn how to make a cute bunny hat using basic craft supplies and a craft foam visor in any color you desire.

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    Cat Visor

    You can create this cute kitty cap using scrap craft foam, pom-poms, chenille stems, and wiggle eyes.

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    Dog Visor

    Even people who don't like dogs will love this cute visor that sports a puppy face with long ears.

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    Frog Visor

    This little frog will help keep the sun out of your eyes next time you are hopping around outside!

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    Go Team Visor

    You can make a colorful visor to honor all of your favorite teams. It is easy with these instructions.

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    Ladybug Visor

    Not only can you make traditional red and black lady bugs, but you can also make them using a rainbow of colors if you like.

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    Mouse Visor

    No one will be scared of this adorable little mouse.

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    Patriotic Visor

    This visor will make the perfect accessory for Independence Day or any other patriotic event.