Helpful Home Staging Trick to Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger


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One essential area buyers focus on when shopping for homes is space. Most buyers want to move to upsize their home and will not pay attention to small homes. The good news is even the smallest of homes can be enlarged visually. The recent trend of more homebuyers seeking homes in overcrowded communities means sellers have to get creative with their staging. A few simple adjustments can transform tiny homes, especially small rooms like bedrooms.

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    Declutter and Clean

    Make your small bedroom appealing for buyers
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    Remove Excess Clutter

    Getting rid of unnecessary furniture, and other home decor items create a spacious room that is attractive to buyers. Set aside time to stage your bedroom correctly before potential buyers view your home. The bedroom should feel like a retreat for buyers to enjoy each evening, but should also be a place for rejuvenating the spirit for the next day.

    Keep the Bedroom Clean and Tidy

    Cleaning and decluttering go hand in hand. The first thing you should do is remove all unnecessary furniture from the room. As inviting as your bedroom may be, its numerous belongings may be off-putting to buyers. Make sure that nothing is on the floor or on furniture surfaces. Remove family photos, stuffed animals, the TV, and other personal items. Store small items in pullout storage drawers under your bed. The smaller the room is, the more essential it is for effective organization.

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    Use a Smaller Bed

    Use fresh linen and bright colors in your bedroom
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    Most bedrooms have king-size beds which take up a lot of space. Replace your large bed with a queen bed or a full-size bed to make the room seem bigger. If you are staging a kid’s room, use a twin bed. Position the bed in the middle of the wall opposite the bedroom door. It should be the first thing buyers see when they walk into the room. Beautify it with fresh linen, a comforter, and colorful throw pillows.

    A bed that is too big for a room will visually decrease the square feet. While your home is on the market, resist the temptation to buy more furniture pieces. If you have to, choose small, comfy pieces that are not bulky.

    Remove Excess Furniture

    Large furniture pieces such as vanities and large dressers could be inessential and should be moved into another room of your home or put into storage. If your bedroom is really small, don’t add anything other than night tables and a small chair. Keep in mind that the purpose of staging the room is to define its purpose and not to show buyers how many furniture pieces it can accommodate. Ensure there is enough space for people to walk around and don’t block the flow of traffic with furniture.

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    Use Mirrors and Natural Light

    Bring natural light into your bedroom
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    The power of good lighting cannot be overestimated. Light can trick the eye and make a room look bigger than it actually is. Use plenty of light throughout the day when showing your bedroom. Open windows in the daytime and ensure the bedroom lighting in the evening is varied. Place lamps on your bedside table to soften the space. Make sure they match because dissimilar ones can be a distraction.

    You can get shabby-chic white lamps, black lacquered lamps, or even Asian-inspired lamps. To give your small bedroom plenty of style, use window treatments properly. Choose those that soften harsh sunlight but still, let in light. Window sheers behind window treatments help your bedroom have diffused light on extra bright and sunny days.

    Decorate With Mirrors When Possible

    Mirrors enlarge spaces by reflecting light from windows and lighting. They do not consume visual space but double it. They are an inexpensive way of filling the blank spaces on your walls. Place mirrors across windows to augment the light in your bedroom. You can also place a mirror across a piece of art to call attention to it.

    Small rooms, especially bedrooms, can be hard to stage. Modern buyers want a lot of space and they can disregard your home if you have a small bedroom. But do not despair. Simply use these home staging tricks to make your bedroom appeal to as many buyers as possible. You will not only increase its size visually, but you’ll also make it stylish and cozy.