Staging Tricks: How to Make Your Small Foyer Look Bigger

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    Bring Natural and Welcoming Light into your Foyer

    Front Foyer Ideas
    Create a welcoming foyer buyers love when they walk in. Getty Images

    While curb appeal will draw home buyers to your home, the interior is what will persuade them to make an offer. The foyer is the first room buyers see before they step inside your breathtaking living room or fancy kitchen. Just like the exterior, it should make an impression and welcome buyers with its ambiance. If you have a small foyer, do not fret.  Simply use these home staging tricks to make it bigger.

    Use Welcoming Light in your Foyer

    Before buyers come to see your home, install good lighting fixtures. You can install a chandelier, a wall sconce, or a table light, or use multiple types of lighting fixtures. During showings, turn on the light to make the room look bright and airy. The general rule of thumb for foyer lighting is that it has to be dimmer than the exterior lighting. If the light is too bright, home buyers will feel as if they are standing in a spotlight. Make them feel at ease by choosing soft light which casts a warm, flattering glow. You can get low-wattage bulbs or affix a dimmer switch to the wall. Don't forget about natural light as well. Opening windows, installing a front door with an overhead transom window or side windows or lites can also help bring in more natural light.

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    Even a Large Foyer can Look Too Cluttered

    Welcoming foyer with windows
    Natural light and absence of furniture can add space. Getty Images

    Enlarge your Space with Mirrors

    While mirrors are vital assets in any entry, they are invaluable in small ones. They bounce light around the space and make it feel brighter and more inviting. They provide glimpses of other dimensions creating a sense of greater square footage. They also offer people a place to check their appearance when they arrive. Hang a framed mirror with its center at the eye height of an average person. You can also install mirror tiles on the floor, a single wall, and ceiling. Another way of integrating mirrors is by decorating the area with a small mirrored console table or by placing a mirrored door on the closet.

    Decorate to Impress

    Regardless of how small your entryway is, decorate and stage this area just like the other rooms in your home. Remember that as potential buyers come and go, they linger in the room. This means that they might notice things that they didn’t in the other rooms. Make buyers feel that your foyer is a major part of your home. You can paint the walls bright colors or use patterned wallpaper to create impact. Place artwork on the walls to make the area look finished and add a rug to provide a soft landing pad. When choosing paint color, wallpaper, or a rug, choose one that highlights the space without overwhelming the room. Lastly, clean the room thoroughly and get rid of clutter.

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    Consider Adding Storage to your Foyer when Possible

    Front foyer storage ideas
    Add storage shelving to hold small items. Getty Images

    Provide Storage if Possible

    Home buyers come with things and you have to create storage in spite of the size of your foyer. If your entryway lacks a closet, incorporate wall-mount hooks or a freestanding bookshelves for decor items, hats, coats, handbags, and umbrellas. Hang hooks on the back of the front door or on the wall behind the door. You can also install a small console table or a drop-down table. A drop-down table is convenient because you can flip it up whenever you want to use it.

    A foyer sets the mood for the rest of the house. Whether it is casual and cozy or formal and stately, it tells home buyers about your decorating preferences, your lifestyle, and what your home generally looks like. A small foyer is difficult to stage because it can appear dark and dull if it doesn’t get a lot of natural light. Revamp your foyer with these staging tricks that don’t require a lot of time and effort. Make your foyer an attractive, welcoming room that makes buyers fall in love with your home from the minute they walk into the door.