How to Make a Small Kitchen Look Larger With Paint

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    Use Neutral Paint Colors Throughout Your Kitchen

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    Painting ideas are always helpful when trying to give your home a refreshed look. It has been said time and again that a little paint goes a long way, especially in your kitchen decorating. Nowhere is this truer than in home staging. A coat of paint can make all the difference. The best thing about paint is that it visually enlarges a small kitchen and helps homeowners avoid shelling out money for a major remodel. If you want to transform your kitchen but don’t have a lot of money to spare, make use of these painting ideas.

    Use Neutral Paint Colors

    If you have a small kitchen, white and neutral paint colors can be a lifesaver. White paint reflects light, makes walls recede, and increases the sense of space. When you use it on your walls, countertops, cabinetry, and ceiling, you create a cohesive space that has no boundaries or edges. To avoid making the room feel too white, use different shades of white or mix different textures. Highlight the crown molding and recessed-panel cabinets to add interest to the room.

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    Interior Design Kitchen Color Tricks

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    Popular interior designers set trends, and you should pay attention to their painting ideas if you want your kitchen to wow buyers. Here are some tricks interior designers use in their own projects. 

    Painting Ideas: Avoid Using Dull Colors

    Mark McCauley, author of Interior Design for Idiots, says sharper hues work better than duller ones. You can use dashes of color on unexpected accents like windowsills or the inner parts of shelves. When sharp hues mix with light wall hues, a kitchen looks more spacious.

    Create an Accent Wall 

    Libby Langdon, who contributes to ​Small Space, Big Style on HGTV, says you shouldn’t be afraid of bold colors. She encourages homeowners to paint one wall in their kitchens a deeper color than the rest. A darker hue can make a wall recede into the background, enlarging a space.

    Use the Same Paint Color on the Walls and Trim

    The owner of Charlotte Lucas Interior Design advises homeowners to use the same paint color on the walls and trim. As there are no gaps in the trim, the ceiling will appear taller. When home buyers step into the room, they will get the feeling that it is bigger than it really is.

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    Bring Natural Light Into Your Kitchen When Possible

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    When painting your walls, countertops, cabinetry, and shelves, use different colors that don’t have a huge contrast. The space will look bigger than it is. But make sure the colors belong to the same color family. For instance, you can use soft gray and green hues. Buyers’ eyes won’t be confused by the abrupt shifts from light to dark and your kitchen will look spacious and serene.

    Match Painting Ideas Throughout the Room

    When you use a different shade on the walls and cabinetry, you create visual boundaries that stop the eyes. Potential buyers will quickly notice your kitchen is small as their eyes can’t roam to and fro. Use a pale color on your walls and cabinetry to reflect light and to make your kitchen look bigger. Buyers will think that the walls are farther than they really are.

    Fill the Kitchen With Natural Light

    Natural lighting has the ability to enlarge any space. While your kitchen may have only one window, you can optimize light by choosing light window treatments. Blinds can dress up your kitchen window without blocking the light. An opaque shade can let light in while maintaining privacy. Natural light will make your kitchen look larger and brighter.

    Browse Home Decorating Ideas

    The internet is filled with creative home decorating ideas by design experts. Go through each one and choose the ones that will work in your kitchen. For instance, your kitchen may not look good with different textures but may be transformed by white paint. Find ideas that work for your kitchen and implement them.

    You may not be able to alter many things in your kitchen, but you can give the illusion of bigger space. Use these painting ideas to turn your kitchen into one that buyers will swoon over.