Make Your Home Over With Free Home Decorating Catalogs

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Home decorating catalogs are a great way to find some of the best ways to makeover a room in your house, but you don't always have to use them for purchasing things. You can instead take a look at a free home decor catalog just for inspiration.

So instead of paying for a designer or decorating books, you can just request several home decorating catalogs to be mailed to you for free, leaving more money to create the room of your dreams. Most home decor catalogs can even be viewed online so you can sift through the pages right away without waiting for the catalog to arrive in the mail.

Note: Though I talk about home decor catalogs below, you might also be interested in taking a look at some of my other lists of free catalogs that show how and where you can get free furniture, clothing, seed and plant, and ​gift catalogs.

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    How To Get Free Home Decorating Catalogs

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    Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

    There's no reason to pay for design books and magazines when you can get home decorating catalogs mailed to you for free.

    This huge list of home decor catalogs includes dozens of catalogs that you can have mailed to your home for free. Each of them can provide you with hours upon hours of room makeover inspiration.

    In an effort to save on paper, remember that some of these places offer their free home decor catalog online too, and some even ​exclusively online, meaning you can view them right now without waiting for the catalog to come to your door. You're basically just one click away from inspiration!​​​

    Some examples of the free home decor catalogs you can get include ones from Pottery Barn, Grandin Road, Collections Etc., Ballard Designs, Bassett, Signature Hardware, Wisteria, Design Toscano, Crate & Barrel, Brylane Home, and Blair.

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    Using Home Decorating Catalogs

    Screenshot of a Crate & Barrel catalog

    Crate and Barrel

    Stores like Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel mail out free home decorating catalogs because their ultimate goal is to get you to buy the items you see and put them in your home. However, while you can certainly do that, there's no reason that you can't use these free home decorating catalogs as mere resources and let them inspire you to create a room with items you buy or salvage elsewhere.

    When you get one of the free home decorating catalogs in the mail, flip through it and find a room that you love. Circle a few of the items in the picture that make the room spectacular, and then design your room from there. You can choose to buy these inspiration items from the catalog but I suggest looking around your house, at thrift stores, or garage sales to replicate the look for less.

    Once you have your inspiration items, you'll be ready to use a free online room design application to plan the layout. Be sure to refer to that photo you found in the home decorating catalog so you can create your dream room.

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    Home Decorating Catalogs Most Often Used For Makeover Inspiration

    Screenshot of an online IKEA catalog


    Some of the most popular home decorating catalogs used for makeover inspiration are:

    However, there are many others that you may be interested in browsing through. A few more examples include Blair, Lands' End, Collections Etc., and Frontgate.