20 Makeup Organizer Ideas for All Your Beauty Supplies

makeup organizing shelves

Erica Choi

Whether you've long loved to collect makeup products or are happy keeping just a few daily essentials on hand, one thing is certain: You still need to find a way to store all of these lotions and potions so that they are easily accessible yet do not take over your entire countertop or vanity. Below, we're sharing 20 easy to implement storage solutions that not only look great but also are ultra efficient.

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    Stand Tall

    makeup palettes standing upright

    @feelprettywithpri / Instagram

    If you own lots of different eyeshadow and blush palettes, place them standing up to save space. This will allow you to still easily see everything you have on hand and access whatever you need when getting ready. We love how nice and orderly this setup looks.

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    Divide and Conquer

    makeup in plastic bins

    @blessyourmess_to / Instagram

    Acrylic dividers are a popular organization tool for stashing makeup. Place a few inside each of your vanity or desk drawers to keep smaller products stashed away neatly. Sorting everything by category can be super satisfying.

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    Stock Up on Storage

    drawer system placed next to vanity

    @operationorganizationbyheidi / Instagram

    Placing a separate storage system next to your desk or vanity is great if you tend to stock up on lots of extra products. You can devote one drawer to sunscreens, another to hair products, et. cetera, without having to part with any of your goodies.

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    Get Artsy

    artful display of makeup products on vanity

    @interiors_bycd / Instagram

    Make it aesthetic! Arrange favorite lipsticks neatly in a row and display your baubles in vintage glass bowls. Who said getting organized can't be kind of fun?

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    Lean With It

    leaning bookshelf in bathroom holding makeup bag

    @prettypinkinteriors / Instagram

    Keep makeup that you wear every day in a cosmetic bag that you can easily reach for as needed. If you have space for a small leaning bookshelf in your bathroom, as seen here, that's a great place to keep

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    Hang Sleek Shelves

    makeup organizing shelves above vanity

    Erica Choi

    Hang open shelving above your desk or vanity so that you can keep track of all of your products out in the open. Sort items by category—group by foundations, perfumes, moisturizers, and the like—so that the setup appears neat and organized, not random.

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    Commandeer a Closet

    makeup bins in hall closet

    Ashley Luengo

    Maybe you like to purchase your makeup items in bulk or just have accumulated quite the collection over the years. In this case, you may wish to turn a hall closet into a getting ready station. Set acrylic bins out on your shelves to house products by type. You can easily grab an individual bin and take it into the bedroom or bathroom with you as needed.

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    Style a Tall Shelf

    bookshelf in beauty room

    Cindy Yue

    Alternatively, you could design your own "beauty room" as we see here. A tall bookshelf serves the same function as a hall closet in providing a home for absolutely everything. This is also a great place to display pretty boxes (you can repurpose perfume boxes and use them to hold earrings, for example) and other little beauty-related trinkets.

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    Try a Lazy Susan

    lazy susan with serums

    Lindsay Silberman

    Lazy Susans definitely aren't just for holding spices in the kitchen. You can easily make use of one to keep track of serums and other small bottles.

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    Think Strategically With Drawers

    acrylic organizer with diagonal drawer

    Ashley Robertson

    With so many types of acrylic organizers on the market, you will want to be smart about the design you select. This one is ultra functional given that it features drawers with built in, diagonal shaped dividers, which are perfect for keeping track of long, skinny makeup items such as mascaras and eyeliners.

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    Arrange Products by Color

    makeup products by color

    Lindsay Silberman

    If you would prefer to arrange your makeup products by color rather than grouping them by type, this is definitely an A-OK approach. The setup will look ultra aesthetically pleasing, and a product's packaging becomes so ingrained in your memory after a few uses that it won't be difficult for you to source what you need as you're getting ready.

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    Rock and Roll

    rolling cart with makeup

    Dana Berez

    A rolling cart can do no wrong! We see these pieces come in handy in the kitchen, closet, playroom, and yes, by the vanity. If you're in need of some extra storage for your makeup products, a rolling cart with three separate tiers makes for an excellent solution.

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    Reuse Cute Vessels

    makeup brushes in empty candle holder

    Kristin Leahy / The Fancy Things

    Reuse cute candle holders to hold makeup brushes. You're being eco-friendly by doing so while still being able to admire a chic long after you've burnt through that favorite candle.

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    Repurpose an Office Staple

    letter holder used for makeup palettes

    Steph Page / Just Another Mummy Blog

    Maybe you're no longer using that letter holder that sits on your desk. Well, put it to work on your vanity! A piece like this one is perfect for keeping makeup palettes nice and orderly.

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    Don't Forget a Ring Dish

    ring dish on vanity

    Rachael Koenig

    You may wish to keep a ring dish nearby to house your jewelry so that your special baubles don't get covered in powders and foundations as you apply your makeup. This one is small but sweet.

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    Keep It Simple

    makeup shelves in closet

    Abby Lawson

    More of a minimalist? If you're someone who doesn't own a ton of makeup products, a few simple acrylic shelves will do the job. Mount them on the wall in your bathroom or closet and set out your go-to beauty items. You can even take a cue from this setup and use a label maker to indicate which types of products belong where.

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    Go Magnetic

    makeup on magnet board

    Liz Marie Galvan

    Attach magnets to the back of your favorite palettes and then stick them onto a magnetic board next to your getting ready station—no need for drawers or bins. You can DIY a board using your fave fabric, a sheet of metal, and a hot glue gun.

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    Save Room for Extras

    small drawer organizers under sink

    Charleston Crafted

    Set super small plastic drawer organizers under each side of your sink and use them to house products that you use less often but still want to keep around—think extra lipsticks, eye shadows, and the like.

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    Stash Stuff Under the Sink

    makeup organization under sink

    Sara Ligorria-Tramp for Emily Henderson

    On a related note, don't forget about all of the space the under-sink area can offer. You can keep everything from everyday makeup to guest toiletries under there while keeping your countertops clean and clear.

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    Fill Dead Space With Shelves

    rattan shelves in bathroom

    @jcdesign1.1 / Instagram

    Get creative with wall space in your bathroom and hang small shelves anywhere that there is extra room. Just make sure that yours have some sort of barrier (like these do) that will prevent products from falling into the sink—or worse, toilet.