20 Makeup Vanity Ideas That Make Getting Ready Feel Like a Treat

makeup vanity in natural wood bathroom

Cathie Hong Interiors

If you carefully apply your makeup every morning while standing two inches away from an over-the-door mirror or slather on your skincare each night in a humid bathroom, we have good news: there’s a more glamorous way to start and end your day, and it’s giving us a retro feel.

These bedrooms and bathrooms are bringing back the old school makeup vanity, except these designers are giving this nostalgic vignette a modern makeover. From makeup vanities surrounded by grandmillennial-inspired wallpaper to those with a sleek, minimalist feel, there’s a makeup vanity idea for every personal style.

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    Make It Stand Out in the Space

    makeup vanity in light bathroom

    Nicole Dianne Photography

    Ashley Macuga of Collected Interiors prefers to place makeup vanities in bathrooms to streamline the process of getting ready for the day or evening, but she always makes a point to give it a unique angle within the space. Whether it’s different materials, cabinetry, or color, there’s something that makes it stand out from the rest of the bathroom. And, in this serene space, note the window placement.

    "A make-up vanity is only as good as the lighting that surrounds it. Opt for placement next to a big open window that allows for it to be drenched in natural light,” says Macuga.

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    Don't Shy Away From Intentional Asymmetry

    makeup vanity in natural wood bathroom

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    In this calming bathroom full of natural woods, subtle tile, and terrazzo floor, the vanity blends right into the cabinetry. Yet Cathie Hong Interiors still wanted to give it its own moment. Rather than positioning the vanity in the middle of the bathroom cabinetry, she tucked it at the end, and set it apart with its own mirror. Two sconces flank the larger mirror above the sinks, adding to the intentional asymmetry.

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    Slide in a Stool

    small bathroom makeup vanity

    Blue Cooper Design

    Makeup vanities aren’t just for those who have unlimited bathroom and bedroom space to fill with extra cabinetry. This condo project from Blue Cooper Design proves all you need is enough room for a seat to slide under a bathroom counter. The sink is just inches away, but there’s still plenty of space to pull up a stool and create a relaxing spot to get ready.

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    Create a Sculptural Spot to Settle In

    sleek wood makeup vanity with marble top

    Laura Brophy Interiors

    In this Newport Beach Home, Laura Brophy Interiors kept a consistent palette of warm wood, brass, and black details. This look continued right into the bathroom, where a vanity is tucked in between two sinks, with a cozy, sculptural boucle chair to settle into. The gray chair perfectly echoes the cool marble counters, and the entire setup seems like the perfect spot to start your 12-step skincare routine.

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    Make Every Square Foot Work

    green makeup vanity

    Charbonneau Interiors

    This bathroom from Charbonneau Interiors shows you can, in fact, do it all. A walk-in shower, a freestanding tub, and a vanity, all in one bathroom that doesn’t have a massive footprint. To account for having a large vanity with natural light, there’s a smaller sink tucked next to the shower across the room. It’s all about tradeoffs, right?

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    Go for a Sophisticated Silver Palette

    silver and gray makeup vanity

    Molly Culver Photography

    Meredith Owen of Meredith Owen Interiors designed this simple yet sophisticated vanity space with drawers for everything you could possibly need. Hardwired sconces add necessary lighting and dramatic drapery keeps the shadow and glare of sunlight away.

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    Bring in the Outdoors

    makeup vanity with mirror and window

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    An ultra-modern, minimalist home in Australia gives an entirely new meaning to a makeup vanity. This design by Cathie Hong Interiors leverages a location right by a window for ideal getting ready light, but it doesn’t block the light. Instead, it has a thin mirror that takes up only half the space in front of the vanity, while a window out to the garden occupies the rest of the wall space. The result is an illusion that fills the space with light and connects the vanity to the outside.

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    Create a Vanity Out of Furniture

    wood armoire as makeup vanity

    Tessa Neustadt

    A gorgeous piece of furniture can also make for a sophisticated spot to house a makeup vanity. 

    This Brady Tolbert for Emily Henderson Design has several bottles of perfume sitting atop its stepped shelf, and there’s just enough room that you could pull up a stool to sit here and spritz yourself before dashing out the door.

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    Go Simple and Spa-Like

    makeup vanity in light wood toned bathroom

    Blue Cooper Design

    Warm wood tones, minimalist black mirrors, and a simple striped stool make this vanity by Blue Cooper Design feel both modern and spa-like. It blends seamlessly into the sleek, Scandinavian-influenced bathroom.

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    Lean Into Location

    makeup vanity with wood cabinetry and bold tile

    Erin Williamson Design

    Bold tile, horizontal wood shiplap, and industrial sconces give this lake house bathroom a subtle nod to nautical design. The makeup vanity blends in so perfectly that it could almost go unnoticed, until you realize Erin Williamson Design took the Hill Country lake house look a step further with a fur thrown casually over the seat.

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    Go for a Timeless White and Marble Look

    white makeup vanity

    JK Interior Living

    When you think of a makeup vanity, this one by JK Interior Living may be exactly what comes to mind. A white skirted chair, a traditional white vanity with a marble countertop, and a vase of delicate flowers ready to perk up your morning—it’s the design nostalgic dreams are made of.

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    Add a Modern Touch

    modern bathroom with makeup vanity

    JLA Designs

    JLA Designs went bold with this bathroom design and the vanity that occupies central real estate. With strong veining across the tile, the vanity couldn’t also be a statement piece, but the modern, rounded stool makes its presence known while playing perfectly to the artful lines of the room.

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    Carve Out a Unique Spot

    light and airy makeup vanity

    Kate Marker Interiors

    This pretty makeup vanity by Kate Marker Interiors sits between two sinks, but it has its own thick countertop, mirror, and light fixtures to help it create its own identity. A stool with an animal hide-inspired fabric and bamboo legs feels more upscale than you’d usually find in a bathroom, giving the vanity an even more polished look.

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    Add Architectural Interest

    makeup vanity in dark green room

    Mary Patton Design

    Mary Patton Design found the perfect spot for this artsy vanity between two built-in closets. The dramatic molding and deep, almost-black green walls give the room an architectural feel, softened by the fur stool and playful flowers.

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    Make It Work for You

    makeup vanity in main bedroom closet

    Molly Culver Photography

    “The most important part of designing a makeup vanity is taking inventory of the items that you use on a daily basis, this allows the cabinetry to be designed for maximum functionality,” says Meredith Owen of Meredith Owen Interiors.

    Making it work for you is the top priority (and making your mornings easier!).

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    Break Color Rules

    navy, black, and dark wood makeup vanity

    Michelle Berwick Design

    Dark brown, navy, and black absolutely go together if you ask Michelle Berwick Design. This moody vanity space brings in all three colors into one bathroom, yet also makes it feel light and bright.

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    Blend Old and New

    makeup vanity with rustic stool

    Katie Hodges Design

    The contrast of new, crisp white cabinetry, minimalist mirrors and fixtures, ornate tile, and a weathered stool and rug make this bathroom vanity a study in how to impeccably blend styles. Katie Hodges Design blends old and new to make a space anyone would love to get ready in.

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    Use a Bold Color

    blue bathroom makeup vanity

    House Sprucing

    Bright blue in a bathroom? Breathtaking. This vanity by House Sprucing gets symmetrical treatment to the sink beside it, giving the room a smooth, consistent look all the way around. But a cane chair stands out against the sea of blue, giving it a warm, natural look.

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    Embrace Fancy

    ornate makeup vanity

    Fancy Things

    Kristin of Fancy Things embraced all things gold, sparkly, and pink with this lovely makeup vanity. From the vintage-inspired gold mirror to the abundant flower arrangement to the baubles on display, this makeup vanity is a fabulous place to get ready for the day.

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    Use a Small Space

    makeup vanity in kids bath

    Molly Culver Photography

    This bathroom doesn't have ample counter space, but Meredith Owen of Meredith Owen Interiors used just enough space to slide in a stool as a makeup vanity. The result is a functional and minimalist look that adds a touch of pampering to a small bathroom.