How to Make a Rain Stick with Kids

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    How to Make a Rain Stick with Kids

    How to make a rain stick

    Homemade toys are so much fun!  I'm sure I don't have to tell you how much most kids love to make noise.  Well, this is a noise maker, but it is a pleasant sounding one.  Have you ever seen a rain stick?  Well, you can make one with your kids with ordinary items!

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    Supplies Needed to Make a Rain Stick

    DIY Rain Stick Supplies

    These are all items that you most likely have on hand.   A cardboard tube (we used a wrapping paper tube cut in half), rice, foil, duct tape and scissors.  

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    Prepare the Tube

    Prepare the Tube

    The first thing you need to do is prepare your tube for filling.  On one end, cut four slits into the cardboard.  Fold each section in to close.   

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    Secure the End

    Secure with Tape

    Use Duct tape to keep the end closed.  Be sure that it is secure so that your filling doesn't run out.  

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    Roll Foil

    Roll strips of foil

    Tear off two pieces of foil that are a little longer than your tube.  Roll each piece and squeeze it so it is like a rope.

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    Create Coils

    Coil Foil

    Now take the 2 foil ropes and coil it like a spring.

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    Insert Coils

    Insert Coils

    Insert the coils down into the cardboard tube one at a time.   Don't compress them too tightly.  

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    Add Rice

    Add rice

    We used a little less than a 1/2 a cup of rice.  You can make a funnel by rolling a sheet of paper into a cone shape.  

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    Secure the End Closed

    Secure Closed

    Close the open end like you had done with the other end.  Tape securely.

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    Decorate your FInished Rain stick

    How to make a rain stick

    We finished our rain stick off by wrapping it in decorative duct tape.  You could also wrap in yarn or ribbon, paint or color it.  Have fun!