Making Friends With Other Working Moms

How You Can Make Time to Start New Friendships


Friendship and working motherhood can be a tricky combination. A working mom's plate is full with her career, her family, and housework. You could say that finding and keeping friendships going is part of your self-care plan. Sadly, many working moms will truthfully admit that taking care of themselves isn't a top priority. Do you fall into this camp?

Making new friends takes time which is something working mom feel they lack.

Plus you want to make friends with people who you can relate to. Perhaps other working moms who get your lifestyle. So if you know having girlfriends is a good way to care for your well-being but the idea of making friends is daunting what do you do?

Try out one of these ideas to make friends with other workings moms possible.

Start a Private Facebook Group

Facebook is all about your friends. So it's only fitting to start a group on this social platform. In the group's description say that your group is for local moms who'd like to hang out after work or on the weekends.

You could also mention the kinds of things you'd like to with everyone. It is your group to control in the beginning, so give it a direction! This is a great way to find a new hobby! What better way to begin a friendship by learning something new together.

Post a Flyer at Daycare

If your little ones go to daycare you probably briefly say hi to parents during drop off or pick up.

Wouldn't it be great to get to know some of these parents? This way you can get a better sense for the kids your kids are hanging out with.

Ask your daycare director for permission to post a mom's night out flyer on their bulletin board or the front desk. On the flyer set a location, a date and time, and a deadline to RSVP to your email address.

Set the date for a month in advance so others can arrange sitters.

Have everyone meet in a public place so you don't have to worry about welcoming strangers into your home. You could meet at a hiking trail, a free outdoor concert, or a restaurant. The itinerary doesn't need to be the focus. Coming together is. Make it a point to mention this on the flyer, too.

Send a Message to Other School or Daycare Moms

Are you an introvert? Then what's been suggested thus far may not float your boat. So try this suggestion. Gather the email addresses of other moms in your kid's school or find them on Facebook. Then send a group email or message to them asking if they'd like to meet up for coffee or drinks. 

Can't think of anyone to reach out to? Then it's time to get out or be a bit more outspoken. You could attend PTO events to meet other moms at your kid's school. Or when dropping off at school strike up conversations in the parking lot after you've dropped the kids off to reduce interruptions. You need to make the connections first before you send the invite out.

Join (or Start) a Meetup is a site that brings people together who have a similar interest. You can either pay the upfront cost of the meetup or ask members to make a contribution.

This site allows you plan numerous events in advance and gives people the option to RSVP. It's also a convenient way to meet people outside of your circle of acquaintances.

Who knows! Maybe there are other working moms like you who want to expand their personal network. On there are already working mom clubs established that you could join. If there isn't, start one!

Go Out for Lunch With Other Working Moms at Work

Another option for those more introvert is to look around at work for new friends. Are there other working moms in the office you've been wanting to connect with? Now's your chance!

Send a group email to your working mom friends-to-be and ask them out for a brown-bag lunch. Brown-bag lunch means everyone brings in their lunch instead of setting up or going out for food. This saves time and makes the logistics easier.

Be sure to meet up outside of the office for lunch. This will ensure there's no interruptions, intruders, and privacy. Your co-workers don't need to hear about explosive diapers or mommy track concerns.  When you're outside of the office, even out on a park bench, you will all feel more at ease and open.

Making friends with a busy schedule is possible. Keeping the friendships fresh may be a challenge but when you make friends with other working busy moms they get it! Good friendships are those that can pick up where you left off. So enjoy creating your group of working moms friends. They may end up being just the gang you've dreamed about having.