Male Pot Bellied Pig Penis Discharge

Finding a Solution to that Bad Smell

Pot bellied pig
By Stephanie Zell / Getty Images

So your little boy pot bellied pig is leaving foul smelling, wet spots on your carpeting all of a sudden. You are probably pretty alarmed and want to know what you can do. Thankfully there is an easy solution.

Get Your Pot Bellied Pig Neutered!

If your pig is two months old you should be scheduling his neuter with your exotics vet. Pot bellied pigs will become sexually mature and start humping, ejaculating, and emitting that foul odor at a very early age.

If your pig is older than a few months old and you are still living with his intact male personality and his "man smell" then you are a brave soul. Many distraught owners call their vet as soon as they find smelly wet spots and their baby boy is caught cozying up to and mounting their pillow, shoe, or God forbid, their dog.

What is That Odoriferous Liquid You Are Finding?

Unfortunately, that nasty wet stuff you are cleaning up is most likely pig ejaculation (semen). When your pig gets excited his penis (that is shaped like a corkscrew) comes out of his prepuce and ejects his semen. He will also hump toys, other animals and even your leg due to his raging hormones.

Will He Stop Doing These Things?

Thankfully your pot bellied pig will eventually stop ejaculating and humping - if you get him neutered. When a pig is castrated his testicles are removed, thus removing the reason(s) for the hormonal behavior and excretions.

It may take a month or so after the surgery for him to completely stop the ejaculations and humping (unless the humping has become a learned behavior at this point).

What Are the Other Benefits of Neutering?

Aside from the behavioral effects of neutering your male pot-bellied pig, you will also be preventing testicular and prostatic cancers from developing as well as prostatic infections and enlargement.

One way to help keep your pot bellied pig healthy and a happy part of the family is to have him castrated at a young age. Discuss this and other options with your exotics vet (find an exotics vet near you).