10 Best Paint Colors for a Man Cave

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Choosing the right paint color for a man cave is the first step to creating a space in which you'll love to hang out. Deep, moody colors, along with some lighter and more serene options, are excellent to splash on the walls in a room where you'll want to read a book, watch TV, play a game, and more. Plus, these colors are fairly neutral and will coordinate with various decor styles.

  • Color Family: Various
  • Complementary Colors: Various
  • Pairs Well With: Neutrals
  • Mood: Cozy, comfortable, relaxing, moody
  • Where to Use: Interior walls, ceilings, doors, cabinetry, furniture

Here are 10 picks for paint colors that are perfect for any man cave.

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    The Spruce Sandbar SPR-04

    The Spruce paint swatch in Sandbar

    The Spruce

    A neutral paint color, such as The Spruce's Sandbar, is a great choice if you want to design a space that still feels open and airy. This medium tan has warm undertones that will create a cozy man cave without that dark cave-like feel. It's perfect for a multipurpose man cave that doubles as a guest room or office, and it pairs well with espresso or medium brown accents.

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    Sherwin-Williams Still Water SW 6223

    Sherwin-Williams Still Water

    The Spruce

    There's just something about a home basement bar that screams luxury. If you want to design a space where your friends can stop by after work for a beer, consider a deep rustic teal, such as Sherwin-Williams' Still Water. This dark teal has strong blue undertones and pairs well with other cool colors. While this paint is dark, it still provides a pop of color that feels modern, and it will add depth to a space.

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    Farrow & Ball Pitch Black No. 256

    Farrow & Ball Pitch Black

    The Spruce

    Before you decorate your man cave, consider the end goal of the room. If you want to create a TV or movie room, focus on dark colors that won't take away from your screen. A rich black paint, such as Farrow & Ball's Pitch Black, is the perfect canvas for your home theater. This neutral, velvety paint is perfect for creating a cozy, theater-like feel.


    When painting with dark hues, it’s ideal to use a tinted primer first, especially when going from a light to a dark wall color. That way, it will take fewer coats of paint to achieve a uniform dark color.

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    Benjamin Moore Smoldering Red 2007-10

    Benjamin Moore Smoldering Red swatch

    The Spruce

    A fiery red, such as Benjamin Moore's Smoldering Red, is full of energy and swagger. The secret to choosing the right red for your space is to look for one with warm undertones because it's easier on the eyes than a more vivid red. If you're still not sure about red for your entire space, use it on just one accent wall. And pair it with neutral trim and decor to keep the space balanced.

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    Behr Lakeside Pine PPU11-19

    Behr Lakeside Pine

    The Spruce

    Behr's Lakeside Pine is a natural choice for a man cave that channels the outdoors. This is a strong but neutral green that is both relaxing and welcoming. The natural tone of Lakeside Pine is perfect for medium wood tones and other natural decor pieces, such as a stone fireplace. Just make sure you have enough natural and/or artificial light to prevent the space from feeling too dark.

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    Benjamin Moore Cape Blue 1642

    Benjamin Moore Cape Blue

    The Spruce

    A relaxing blue paint color, such as Benjamin Moore's Cape Blue, will create a serene man cave that's perfect for relaxation. This color is also ideal if your man cave doubles as a spare bedroom or workspace. Pair this soothing hue with white trim and other neutrals, add some overstuffed furniture to the room, and you'll have the ideal spot to unwind.

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    Valspar Almost Charcoal 4008-2B

    Almost Charcoal by Valspar

    The Spruce

    Valspar's Almost Charcoal is an industrial-style medium gray that feels sleek, cool, and utterly sophisticated. It's a great color choice if you're designing a cozy space to watch TV or movies. To prevent the dark color from overwhelming the space, pair it with white trim and lighter furniture. Plus, metallic accents will look excellent with this paint color.

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    Benjamin Moore Blue Suede Shoes 798

    A rich navy, such as Benjamin Moore’s Blue Suede Shoes, is the perfect dose of color to make a man cave feel cool but still comfortable. This deep blue will look great paired with white trim and doors to prevent the space from feeling too dark. The color will certainly be noticeable in the room, but it’s not too bright or bold to be distracting if you want to watch TV or read a book.

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    Sherwin-Williams Urban Jungle SW 9117

    A medium brown, such as Sherwin-Williams’ Urban Jungle, is an extremely versatile man cave color. It’s great for a game space, a reading nook, and a room in which to watch TV during the day and a movie at night. It pairs well with brown wood tones and white trim. And it’s a neutral backdrop, allowing you to personalize your space with pops of your favorite colors.

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    Farrow & Ball Imperial Purple No. W 40

    Add a regal feel to your man cave with Farrow & Ball’s Imperial Purple. This luxurious, velvety, deep purple is ideal to create a cozy space with a serious amount of style. It pairs well with whites and ash grays. If the color is too dark or overwhelming for your entire space, try it on bookshelves or other furniture to add a rich pop of color. It also can make a great feature wall, especially behind a TV screen.