6 Man Cave Colors That Rock

Choosing the best paint color for your man cave is the first step to creating a private space that rocks. Just calling it your man cave doesn't make it so. You have to claim the space with color and furniture to get the full "secret clubhouse" effect. Instead of imposing an overly complicated design, you'll want to keep your color choices simple with a palette of two or three colors. This will keep the focus on the main functions of your man cave. For instance, if a large TV is part of the man cave decorating plan, then consider using a dark paint color as an accent wall to create a better viewing experience. Check out the six top man cave colors that will rock this private retreat. 

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    Olympic Paint Stonington D14-3

    Olympic Paint's Stonington D14-3 in an entertaining space

    Scott Tysick/Photodisc/Getty Images

    Not everyone is lucky enough to have a dedicated man cave. If your man cave or basement has to multitask, choose a rich neutral like Olympic Paint's Stonington. This is a handsome neutral taupe that works well for a hangout space that has to do double duty.

    The muted undertones of Stonington make it strong enough for a man cave, but neutral enough for space to also serve as a part-time guest room or home office. Black, white, and darker greens would be good choices for accent colors. 

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    Benjamin Moore's Smoldering Red 2007-10

    Benjamin Moore's Smoldering Red 2007-10 in a sample

    Benjamin Moore

    Red is one of the hottest paint colors for man caves. A fiery red like Benjamin Moore's Smoldering Red is full of energy and swagger. Red for a man cave works with most styles and interests, but it's a favorite for auto and sports themes. The secret to choosing the right red for your space is to look for a warm red like this because it's more livable—easier to spend time in than with a primary bright red. 

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    Behr Paints Lakeside Pine PPU11-19

    Behr Paints Lakeside Pine PPU11-19 sample color


    Behr's Lakeside Pine is the natural choice for an outdoorsy man cave. This is a strong but neutral green that is unexpectedly relaxing. The natural tone of Lakeside Pine is perfect for wood tones and natural materials. This is a dark color that looks best in a room with ample lighting, and like any dark color, it can be used with confidence if you have the right lighting in place.

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    Olympic Paint Cosmic Dust 854-5

    Olympic Paint Cosmic Dust 854-5 color sample

    Olympic Paint

    No man cave color list is complete without a blue or two. Blue is the most popular color for men, and it can be the best choice for a man cave that is also a family hangout. Olympic Paint's Cosmic Dust has more energy than most blues, thanks to its green undertones, which keep this rich blue from looking flat. This is not technically a teal, but it is close, and its green undertones give it tons of personality. 

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    Behr Paints Amphibian 730F-6

    Behr Paints Amphibian 730F-6 paint sample


    For a warmer industrial-style man cave, try a gray paint color like Behr's Amphibian. This color has a hint of green to warm it up and make it more complex. Amphibian makes a strong accent wall, but it could be used more liberally if you are looking for a media-room vibe. With its hint of green, this gray bridges the gap between warm and cool colors to give you more accent color options.

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    Benjamin Moore Cape Blue 1642

    Benjamin Moore's Cape Blue 1642 color sample

    Benjamin Moore

    A relaxing man cave doesn't have to be all about sports and TV; it can also be a personal retreat after a long day. A relaxing blue paint color like Benjamin Moore's Cape Blue is the antidote to a loud and stressful week. Sure, you can still have the giant-screen TV, the bar, and the dart games, in this relaxing blue man cave, but when it's time to decompress and de-stress, a muted blue like this is the answer.