Mango Cocktail Recipe Collection

Mango Julius
Mango Julius. Cultura/Brett Stevens / Riser / Getty Images

Mangoes are a great tropical fruit that makes it into a number of cocktails. This recipe collection features the mango, either in fresh or near-fresh forms like juice or nectar, or via mango-flavored distilled spirits.

Fresh Mango, Mango Nectar and Juice Drink Recipes

Mango juice and nectar are the most common ways to get the fruit flavor into drinks and you can usually find both at your local grocers.

Nectar is a slightly sweeter, thicker option and is sometimes easier to find than pure mango juice, so it can be used in place of the juice. However, when mangoes are in season, nothing beats fresh mango juice, all you need is a good electric juicer.

The mango ingredient is indicated for each recipe. Those with no notation use the fresh fruit.

Mango Liquor Cocktail Recipes

Mango is a favorite flavor for liquors. It is often infused in rums (e.g. Malibu, Brinley, Rum Jumbie, and Cruzan) and vodkas (see list of brands). It is also an easy fruit to infuse on your own.

Mango-flavored liqueurs are also available and a number of brands produce fantastic examples. Three that I highly recommend are from Bols, Marie Brizard, and Orchard.

You will also find mango mixed with other flavors in a single spirit, often in bottlings labeled as 'tropical.' One liqueur that is included in this list is X-Rated Fusion, which mixes mango with blood orange and passion fruit. Also, an interesting vodka infusion that was a limited edition in 2007 was Absolut New Orleans, which mixed mango and black pepper.

It is a fun flavor and you can experiment with recreating it on your own.