Manners and Civility

Common tips for manners and civility to live a more amicable life.
a group of friends
Learn 10 Etiquette Tips for Close Relationships
Couples spending time shopping together
Learn These 10 Unique Etiquette Rules Before You Travel
Young couple greeting man during visit at yard
Why It's Important to Be Honorable and Keep Your Word
Woman working at coffee shop
10 Things You Shouldn’t Do in a Coffee Shop
two people talking closely
Follow These Tips to Define Your Personal Space
Young female in cafe
Ways to Answer Nosy People
Young man and woman kissing in public
Is a Public Display of Affection Ever Appropriate?
Woman answering the door at a party holding a cocktail
Southern Belle Dos and Don’ts for All Occasions
Smiling friends walking into backyard party with trays of food
Discover the Importance of Good Manners in All Aspects of Life
Serving dinner
Stop Blurting Out These Too-Common Rude Comments
Neighbors enjoying a backyard party
Avoid Being a Nightmare Neighbor
Man holding door for woman
Real Men Have Good Manners
writing a note declining an invitation
How to an RSVP to an Invitation
Holding door open
10 Easy Tips for Everyday Etiquette
Young couples celebrating birthday opening gift at table
How to Give with Grace
graduation party invitation and rsvp
How to Say No to an Invitation You Are Unable to Accept
Little girl peeking over the fence
10 Tips for Dealing with a Bad Neighbor
Female friends making breakfast in kitchen
12 Rules of Roommate Etiquette
hostess gifts arranged on a table
Learn How to Give the Best Host and Hostess Gifts
Man texting during meal with woman
12 Things You Should Never Do in Public
Creative co-workers meeting
9 Polite Ways to Interrupt
Father and son setting table
How to Make Etiquette Fun for Kids
Woman interviewing woman
5 Body Language Tips
Elegant woman
Learn How to Be Elegant Like Jackie O
Party guests hugging at a party
Learn How to Be a Well-Mannered Guest With These 9 Tips
Woman testing fragrance in a store
Learn 9 Essential Fragrance Manners and Tips
Students studying in library
Social and Work Etiquette for Teens Can Give Them a Social Advantage
Man using cell phone over meeting with girlfriend. Rzeszow, Poland
10 Tips for Cell Phone Use When With Friends
Wife visiting husband in hospital
17 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Someone in the Hospital
Using Cell phone in cafe with friends
8 Places Where You Shouldn't Use Your Cell Phone
Thank you card and bottle of wine
11 Tips on the Proper Ways to Ask for Favors
Young girl choosing dress from closet
Basic Rules of Borrowing Anything
Church service
11 Things You Should Not Do in Church
Daughter talking to senior man reclining on hospital bed
How to Behave Around Someone Who Is Dying
Snobby businessman sitting in couch.
The Best Way to Handle a Snob Without Losing Your Dignity
Man taking selfie with children outside
10 Social Media Tips for Parents Posting About Children
Three friends talking in a pub
Avoid Being Rude! How to Have a Polite Conversation
Woman working on laptop
Email, Social Media, and Texting Guidelines
French Bulldog Hawaii
Taking Your Pet on Vacation? Read These Etiquette Tips
Person choosing clothing
Learn How to Dress Appropriately for All Occasions
Welcoming handshake
7 Habits of Polite People
Women sitting on sofa watching a movie in a cozy loft apartment
Why It Is Important to Have Good Manners Around Your Friends
Young people on a massive couch
Here's How to Be Less Rude to Those You Love Most
Praying church congregation
How to Worship With Respect and Grace
Young women hugging
Quick Responses to Common Greetings
flower bouquet
The Best Flowers for All Occasions
Couples having dinner out
Etiquette Tips for All Occasions
Friends greeting each other on the street
10 Etiquette Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making
Friends eating pub burgers
You Need to Stop Doing These 20 Bad Behaviors Now
Airplane passengers
Etiquette Guidelines for Flying
school girl whispering
Why Is It so Rude to Whisper Around Others?
Man checking out of hotel
Tips for a Pleasant Hotel Visit
Women practicing yoga
10 Tips on Having Poise and Grace in All Situations
Smiling women with bicycles looking away
How to Avoid Answering the Age Question
Man getting massage
Know These Etiquette Tips Before You Get a Massage
Father and daughters coloring
How to Make Your Child a Social Success
Man having conversation with coworker
Always Have Something to Say with These Conversation Starter Tips
Creative business people meeting on colorful stools.
How to Stop Talking Before You Say the Wrong Thing
Formal dinner party
This is What Etiquette Really Means
Woman studying at the library
10 Guidelines for Library Behavior and Etiquette