Shop the $9 Item That Revamped Drew Barrymore's Kitchen

Organizing your serving platters just got easier

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Container Store Rack Lead

The Spruce / Illustration by Amy Sheehan / The Container Store

Maintaining a perfectly organized kitchen is not easy, especially when storing large skillets and serving platters that take up a lot of cabinet or countertop real estate.

On the latest season of Get Organized with The Home Edit, professional organizers Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, known for transforming rooms into beautiful, functional spaces, faced a challenge organizing Drew Barrymore's studio kitchen for The Drew Barrymore Show. This kitchen is not only the prep kitchen for her televised food segments, but it also serves as a prop storage space for platters, plates, and anything they might use as kitchen decor on the show.

Three women watching Drew Barrymore talk in her newly organized kitchen

Courtesy of Netflix

Upon the team's arrival, the entire space was bursting with messy stacks of cutting boards, cookie sheets, and pots and pans of all sizes. When it seemed like there was no way the team would finish in time, one item saved the day: the Container Store Medium Maple Rack. When Barrymore saw her newly organized studio kitchen, she specifically asked about this product.

"It's a maple rack, and we use them for everything," explained Shearer in the episode. "They are the best tool for a kitchen. We use them for your pots. We use them for plates. We use them for cutting boards."

Below, find this maple rack and two other alternatives to help you turn your kitchen into a functional and efficient space like Barrymore's.

The Container Store Medium Maple Rack

The Container Store medium maple rack

Courtesy of The Container Store

The Container Store's Medium Maple Rack was a game-changer for Barrymore's studio kitchen. With multiple maple racks in place, the team used the vertical shelving space to organize skillets of all sizes, cutting boards, serving platters, placemats, and round centerpieces and trays. This storage method not only maximizes shelf and countertop space but also makes large items like platters and cutting boards accessible. Rather than moving five platters to access one near the bottom, just slide out the one you need. This maple rack is available in a medium size for plates and lids and a tall size for cutting boards and baking sheets. Both sizes have 10 pegs that create four slots for organization.

HBlife Bamboo Dish Stand

HBLife bamboo dish rack


For a slightly cheaper option with a similar look, opt for the HBLife Bamboo Dish Stand. Eighteen bamboo pegs line up to create eight slots for cookbooks, cookware, lids, or anything else you're itching to organize. There is minimal assembly required: Attach the two front and rear horizontal bamboo sticks to hold the sides of the rack upright, and you're ready to organize. This rack is lightweight, easy to wash, and can also double as a dish-drying rack. It's not customizable or expandable, but at such a low price, you might want to purchase two or even four of these racks to really overhaul your kitchen.

YouCopia Expandable Cookware Rack

YouCopia StoreMore Expandable Cookware Rack


If maple and bamboo don't match your decor or if you're looking for a sturdier option, try the YouCopia Expandable Cookware Rack. This rack expands from 12 to 22 inches, so you can customize it to fit your shelf, and its simple look will blend well with any cabinet color or style. You'll have to assemble this rack, but it's pretty straightforward: Pop the ten wire dividers in your desired spots on the rack. You can adjust these at any time, so if you have larger skillets lined up for a time but then decide later that you'd rather house cutting boards, you can make that change without buying another product. This organizing rack is pricier than the other two options, but the customization makes it worth it.